Jewellery Making – #11 – Bracelets

Here are some bracelets that I have handmade. Bracelets are my favourite kind of jewellery and I don’t normally leave the house without at least 1 bracelet on each arm.


Long Distance Relationships

I wanted to do a different kind of blog post today because I am curious on what people’s opinions are of long distance relationships.

Do people believe they can work?

Do people believe they are as valid as a ‘normal’ relationship?

Is there anyone who visits my blog who is also in a long distance relationship themselves, and do you have any thoughts to share?

Some of you may have seen my recent blog post for the ‘message peg’ that I made for my boyfriend. Well  I am actually in a long distance relationship myself. I know when our relationship first started it was  quite an unusual thing and not many people believe they can work. I wonder about whether the general opinions are still the same as this today.

Well, we got engaged on the 19th of October and I have recently been thinking about sharing my story. My reasons for this are mainly to be a support for other people who are going through a similar situation and to also share my experiences and thoughts about my long distance relationship. However I would like to save all the details until I post my story.

I also have a craft gift project for him that I have planned and feel that if I were to do a blog post on it, then it would make more sense to visitors of my blog if I were to share my story first. This way you will see the reasons behind the gift.

Please reply, even if you would normally not post a comment on a blog post. However please be considerate. I have no problems with negative opinions, as I hope to get opinions from both sides. As long as they are kept civil and non-aggressive I do not mind. Basically I don’t want this post to end up in a flame war lol. Thanks!


Message Peg

I saw a picture online of something very similar to this a few weeks back and I just had to make the same for my boyfriend.

It’s basically a clothes peg with a strip of paper wrapped round it and glued on with PVA glue. However the strip of paper is kept a bit longer and is folded in the middle in between where the peg closes together.

On the parts of the paper that you can see you draw on it to make it look like an envelope. On the part of the paper that is folded up in between the peg you write a message. You then give it to the person you made it for and ask them to open the peg.

When they open it up they will reveal the message!

It was a bit fiddly to make in terms of getting the paper the right length and getting the folds in the right place, all whilst remembering the fact that the peg closes itself when you need it to stay open. Therefore I found it easier to take the peg apart and glue the paper to one side. I then figured out where it will need to fold, put the peg back together and glued the other side on.

Chameleon Pink Nails

So here is the last of the Chameleon nail paints from Barry M that I have tested out.

This one is a dark pink shade that turns to a dark purple shade wherever you use the top coat.

My favourite thing about these nail paints is that they make doing designs less messy, especially when using your less dominant hand. This is because when trying to do detail you can end up getting it on your skin in the process. However it is not that noticeable if the colour you are using is clear. Another thing I love is that they have a metallic finish to them.

What I don’t like about these nail paints though is that they are less durable. This is because you can’t use a topcoat over the whole design to prolong its life because obviously that would change the whole design to the same colour. Also you could say that you are restricted to the colours that these nail paints come in.

What are other people’s thoughts on these nail paints. Do you love them or not see the need for them?

Personalised Candle Holder

I just wanted to show you some pictures of this stunning candle holder my Mom bought for me recently.

The holder has holes cut out on it which let the light shine through in certain places only, which creates a great atmosphere.

This holder is personalised so as well as the holes creating a flower type pattern, they also create my name.

The holder came with a vanilla scented tea light candle to give off a light fragrance. After it is done I plan to use other scented candles in it. Most likely the Pineapple Palm scented Yankee candles, as these are currently my favourite scented candle at the moment.

I’m quite a fan of scented candles, so for me it was a great gift to receive. Who else loves scented candles?

Retro Jewel Nails

I really love how these nails came out. For the base colour they use the blue nail paint from Barry M’s retro collection that they released for their 30th Birthday earlier this year. This is a bright bold blue with a very fine shimmer in it that you can see sometimes depending on the lighting.

For the glitter I used the new jewel nail paint from Barry M called Amethyst Glitter.  This is a clear base containing medium sized glitter in blue, purple, gold, black and burgundy from what I can see. It also has a smaller blue glitter mixed in with it also.

For this design I first painted 2 coats of the blue onto all nails. You could actually get away with 1 coat of this blue, but I prefer to go ahead and do a second coat.

I then painted a couple of coats of the glitter nail paint onto the ring finger nails. For the remaining fingers I sponged the glitter onto the tips of the nails.

I love the colours in the glitter and I think it goes very well with the blue base colour. I’m looking forward to trying out the remaining jewel nail paints that I have purchased.

Gold Digger Glitz Nails

These nails were created using one of Barry M’s new glitter nail paints. This shade is called Gold mine glitter, which I assume is because it looks like flecks of gold in the walls of a dark gold mine.

This shade is a black base with medium sized flakes of gold glitter. All the glitter is the same size. In these pictures I used 2 coats, but a third coat would probably be best.

I would say that 2 coats is the minimum you would use as 1 coat looked too grey, see through and streaky. For this look I decided to use a matte top cat on my ring fingers just to add a bit of variance to the whole thing.

One thing that I like about the fact that the glitter is mixed in with the base colour, is that it varies the shades you can see in the glitter. This helps to make everything look a bit more unique as the glitter that is further under the base colour with sparkle through less than the rest.

Also as you would expect this shade is very durable. I’m not sure how easy it will be to remove because like other glitters I expect that it will be quite difficult. I do think this is the kind of shade you can easily get to work with many different outfits however.

Jewellery Making – #10 – More Necklace Sets

Here are some more of the necklace sets I have made. Most of the necklaces I make are short in length. However the last picture with the blue and purple square beads show my first long necklace, and is actually one of my favourite necklaces.