Gold Digger Glitz Nails

These nails were created using one of Barry M’s new glitter nail paints. This shade is called Gold mine glitter, which I assume is because it looks like flecks of gold in the walls of a dark gold mine.

This shade is a black base with medium sized flakes of gold glitter. All the glitter is the same size. In these pictures I used 2 coats, but a third coat would probably be best.

I would say that 2 coats is the minimum you would use as 1 coat looked too grey, see through and streaky. For this look I decided to use a matte top cat on my ring fingers just to add a bit of variance to the whole thing.

One thing that I like about the fact that the glitter is mixed in with the base colour, is that it varies the shades you can see in the glitter. This helps to make everything look a bit more unique as the glitter that is further under the base colour with sparkle through less than the rest.

Also as you would expect this shade is very durable. I’m not sure how easy it will be to remove because like other glitters I expect that it will be quite difficult. I do think this is the kind of shade you can easily get to work with many different outfits however.


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