Halloween Nails

So for Halloween this year I decided to try and have a go at some skull nails.

They didn’t come out as ‘skullish’ as I wanted them to but people seemed to know what they were meant to be. Even my boss said he liked my Halloween nails which was unexpected lol.

I painted all my nails in white and then used a dotting tool for the eye sockets and nose. I made the dots not a perfect circle shape on purpose. Then I used a thin nail art brush to add the teeth.

These were a lot more simple to make than I expected. When I next do my nails I’m going to try and do some bonfire night themed nails ready for Nov 5th.

For those of you who read my blog last Saturday. I’m still working on typing out my story. I want it to say what I need it to say but not make it too much of a giant wall of text to read lol, so might try to cut it down a little. Also thanks to everyone who commented on that blog.


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