Barry M Retro Collection

I meant to post this entry months ago back when I actually purchased this collection. However I would still like to share the photos I took so better late then never I guess!

Barry M released this as part of their 10th Birthday. The collection is priced at £11.99 and contains 2 dazzle dusts and 3 nail paints.

You can also buy items from this collection seperatley. It’s £1.99 for the nail paints each and £4.59 for the dazzle dusts.

In this collection you get 3 of the nail paints and 2 of the dazzle dusts. Seperatley this would cost you £15.15. So you save a few quid and the whole thing also comes in a nice presentation box.

The nail paints included are a red, blue and pink shade. Each nail paint is a subtle shimmery shade. The dazzle dusts come in a blue and a pink shade. These are also shimmery.

All the packaging is also the retro packaging that they used to use. The nail paint bottles remind me of the Nails Inc bottles. I think I prefer the design that Barry M currently use though however.

The pink has a gold shimmer to it and the blue has a purple shimmer to it, which is quite pretty.

You will probably see me use these in my different nail designs, and I will try to point out when they are used so that you can get a better idea of how they look in use.


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