Ruby Jewel Nails

Normally I would schedule up blogs in advance in bulk during times when I have a bit of extra time to spare. This is so that there is still an even spread of blogs during busier times. I also like to post 2 blogs a week on a Wednesday and a Saturday when I can. However my stash is starting to run low now and I haven’t found much time to start replenishing them. This is why today’s blog is a little later, as normally I schedule them to post early morning. However I’ve finished everything I needed to get done for the day so I figured why not squeeze this one in still.

This one uses the recent Jewel Glitter Nail Paint by Barry M in Ruby. However I really wish I had done the base colours the opposite way around. I don’t know why I thought black glitter would show up on top of a black base lol.

This is a clear polish with large pinkish flecks of glitter and then different sized black glitter. I prefer glitter polishes that are made up of different sizes and shapes. I also think the colour combination is quite pretty. I remember when I used this polish I was in a bit of a rush and so didn’t really think about what I was going to do much. Therefore for my ‘look’ I ended up using a black base colour on all nails except the ring finger, which has a dark pink shade to match the glitter.

As you can see, where the base is black, you loose the effect from the black glitter completely, whereas on the pink you can appreciate the design of the polish more. However I think that maybe it would look even better on a base colours that are further away from the glitter colours, but not different colours. By this I mean maybe a light shade of pink or something like a grey. It would probably look nice over a white as well. What colours would you try it over?

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