Striping Tape Nail Fun

Since I very first got into nail art, I’ve seen people using striping tape and have always thought of how professional it can make designs look. Well recently I finally got around to investing in some. I got 10 different rolls of colours for a few quid off Ebay, which I thought was quite cheap. Below you can see my first attempt at trying it out.

This design took me quite a few hours to achieve, but that was because I wanted all layers of nail varnish to dry well before continuing so that I could touch my nails without destroying the whole thing. The time it took however was so worth it in my opinion.

I really love how the design came out. I think out of everything I have done in the past, this is definatley my favourite design of them all. It’s also in one of my favourite colours, purple.

So to make this, after applying my base coat I painted all of my nails in two coats of Barry M’s Nude. I left at least 10 minutes in between each layer.

Next I used Barry M’s Gelly nail paint in Blackberry. With this I painted diagonally across the bottom half of the nail. This was so that the Nude shade that was showing could look as if it was just my normal nail.

After this was done I left my nails for about 20 or so minutes to give them chance to dry a bit before starting on the striping tape. I decided to go with a shiny pink coloured tape to go along with the purple on my nails.

I applied the tape along the diagonal line I had made across the nude to hide the line and make it look neater. I also applied it in a straight line across the tips of my nials. A couple of my nails had broken in the previous weeks, but there was still enough length left in them for this.

I won’t lie, the striping tape can be quite fiddly to use. Especially when it came to applying it with my left hand lol. I got a bit frustrated at times with it. The hard parts are placing the start of the tape at the start of where you want it, and then cutting it in the right place. I used nail scissors to cut the tape, but I found it hard 2 get them to cut with my left hand. For example one disaster happened when I was trying to cut the tape on my right thumb and I ended up chopping a chunk of the nail paint off that thumb instead lol. You also want to cut it slightly shorter than the width of your nail to prevent it peeling back easily.

After this was done I used a glitter nail paint called Pink Iridescent which is also by Barry M. I painted this only on the tip part underneath where I put the second piece of striping tape.

Once this was dry I added a top coat and cleaned everything up with some nail polish remover on an old eye shadow  brush that I never use. I hope you like how it looks as much as I do. I can’t stop admiring it lol. I  was also surprised at how long lasting this design turned out to be. I have been wearing it for 6 days now. The first chip was today and that was only because I had helped my dad and brother’s a little bit when they changed the filters on my car for its service.


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