Christmas Limited Edition Nail Paints from Barry M from Boots 2012

Barry M have released two limited edition nail paints for Christmas 2012 which you can only find in Boots.

_IMG_5356 copy

They were released on November the 28th and you get one free when you spend over £6 on Barry M products.

_IMG_5361 copy

The colours are called Christmas Pink and Christmas Gold. Superdrug are also going to have limited edition colours of their own on the 5th Dec, which I am also looking forward to.

_IMG_5362 copy

To try them out I painted my left hand with the pink and my right with the gold and did the ring fingers in the opposite colour.

_IMG_5363 copy

I think they look really pretty and will be perfect for any parties over the festive season. I have a few ideas of how I want to use the gold one.

_IMG_5359 copy

They remind me of the foil nail paints except a foil made up of tiny pieces of shimmery glitter. This gives them a glittery textured look.

_IMG_5365 copy

They applied quite well. In these pictures I used two coats. One coat covered well but when I held my fingers up to the light you could see light coming through a bit. I always prefer to do two coats anyways to help get an even coverage.

_IMG_5367 copy

They also seem to be quite durable as they have not chipped or worn at the tips at all since I painted them on the 28th. However I have a feeling that they may be more like glitter nail varnish when I come to remove it.

_IMG_5368 copy

I also love the lids on the bottles. They look so cool and shiny lol. They relay do reflect the product inside. If you are a Barry M fan like me then these are a must.

_IMG_5372 copy

Looking closely at the gold you can see a fine gold shimmer with a slightly bigger and darker shade of gold in there as well as a fine silver shimmer.


In the pink as well as the fine pink shimmer you can also see a fine silver shimmer and the slightly bigger gold flecks in there.


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