Royal Cadbury Nails

As the colours used for this design are purple and gold they remind me of royalty colours and Cadbury’s Chocolate packaging lol. Hence the title choice.

_IMG_5380 copy

This look was quite easy to create, yet I think it looks really effective. I think it would look especially good for the party season this Christmas.

_IMG_5381 copy

I also felt it would be the perfect use for the new limited edition Christmas Gold nail paint by Barry M that I picked up from Boots last week.

_IMG_5382 copy

I painted all of my nails with Barry M’s Gelly nail paint in Blackberry. I love this shade of purple. After this was dry I sponged the gold nail paint onto the tips using a makeup sponge.

_IMG_5383 copy

I think the sparkly gold glittery foil effect goes really well with the shiny boldness of the purple. However I think a couple of the nails could have done with a bit more of the gold concentrated onto the very end of the tip to give it a bit more coverage.

_IMG_5384 copy

I find that the current colours of the gelly nail paint are all quite bold. This makes them good choices as the base for nail art, which you can then add more fancy nail varnish to the top of. This prevents things form getting too busy.

_IMG_5387 copy

What do you think of this look? I would love to see what else people have done with the limited edition nail paints.


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