A Hair Must Have

I just wanted to share my thoughts on one of those products, that once you start using it, it becomes that much of a necessity that you don’t know how you would ever go back to not using it. The product in question is dry shampoo.

I don’t like to wash my hair every single day as I feel it does more harm than good so I wash it every other day instead. The problem is my forehead and scalp can be quite oily, which of course makes my roots and the front sections of my hair on either side of my face oily quite quickly also. I have quite long hair though however and so the ends stay fresh looking without any problems.

I remember talking about random things with work friends when a similar conversation came up and one of them mentioned that I should try out dry shampoo. So the next time I was at the supermarket I had a look and picked up a can. At the time the one by Treseme was on special offer so I picked up that one. I was very pleased with the results and it really does make you hair look fresh for longer. It also has a nice scent to it which leaves your hair smelling nice at the same time.

This was about 6 months ago and I have been using dry shampoo ever since. I only wish I had discovered it sooner lol. However the first can I bought I got through quite quickly and when I went to buy more the Treseme one was back up to full price. For the time it took to get through it, I felt it was a bit expensive and so I looked for an alternative and came across a brand called Batiste.

Although the Treseme one does what it is supposed to, I have to say I found this brand a lot better. You get more in a can and it costs a lot less. I also found the overall quality better as I needed less product to achieve what I needed it to do, which means it lasts longer. How I use it is to part sections of my hair in order to spray it into my roots. I also will then spray a bit around the top of my hair and focus on the front sections of my hair which pick up oil from my forehead. I do this once on the mornings in between hair washes and that is all that is necessary. After leaving it to sit for a few minutes I will massage it in the roots a bit and then brush thoroughly. One other thing I love about this brand is that it comes in many different fragrances which make your hair smell great. So far my favourite has to be the tropical one.

The only downside is that as dry shampoos are a powder, and my hair is dark brown, you can see the white of the powder in your hair. I found this is more noticeable with the Batiste one than the Treseme one. However as long as you massage and brush it in it will no longer be noticeable. If you can still see any all I do is run my fingers over them places and it will look fine then. This usually happens around the parting in my hair. However Batiste also do dry shampoo sprays with hints of colour to them for brunette, blone and red hair. I am yet to try this out yet however.

I would recommend dry shampoo to anyone that likes to give their hair a day off in between washes but still wants it too look fresh. Who else has tried similar products and what would you recommend the most?


3 responses

  1. I’ve been using the brunette Batiste for a year and love it. Dry shampoo is also a total must-have for me when travelling, and stops me looking like a greasy rat after a long haul flight.


  2. i have tried the treseme one and hated it!!!! i have not heard of anyone who really liked it. i love the dry shampoo by Gosh, its a shoppers drug mart house brand which may only be in canada 😦


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