Duochrome Comparrisons

I actually took the pictures for this post probably back at the start of the summer. However more interesting posts ended up taking priority when I came to write up this post, and the pictures have been sitting on my computer waiting ever since. I figured it was about time I used them before it was too late. I do have a couple of other sets of pictures that seem to have ended up the same which I will try to post soon.

Anyways for this post I wanted to compare two different duochrome polishes that I have. The first is by Leighton Denny and is called Your Planet Or Mine.

In the bottle this looks like a lovely petrol effect, however on the nail I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I found the consistency was a bit thick for my liking as well when trying to apply it. On the nail it appears as a black base with a dark turquoise shimmer to it. If you are lucky and you can catch it in the right light this turns to a dark purple shimmer instead.

As you can tell from my lack of good pictures I had trouble trying to capture this with the camera. I was hoping that it would look as it does in the bottle, or at the very least that the effect would be easily noticeable. I found the whole thing was too dark to be easily spotted as a duochrome by people seeing your fingers. I like my nails to stand out as they are the part of me I feel I use to express my personality the most easily.

I also found that the wear wasn’t all that good. By the day after applying it the tips were starting to wear down. You can see this in the above picture even, which was taken after I got home from work on the Monday (I usually paint my nails on a Sunday night before bed, which is why half of my manicures end up with bed sheet imprint on them lol). By the day after that they were chipping. For a bottle that retails at £11 quid I kind of expected something better to be completely honest.

The second duochrome I want to look at in this post is one of the colours by a brand called Stargazer and is #307. This one does look like it does in the bottle and the consistency was thinner which made it easier to apply.

The colouring is lighter in this one and it changes mainly between  green, gold and purple bright shiny shimmer. There are other colours that come through which are shades in between these main colours. I used two coats for these pictures but a third coat would probably be the best option.

The wear wasn’t anything great on this one when compared to other brands of nail polish that I have tried, but for a bottle that only costs £2.50 and looks this nice you can’t really complain.

In conclusion the stargazer was my favourite of the two. This is because it looked how I expected it to, the quality just seemed better and the effect stood out a lot more. I realise that the Leighton Denny shade is supposed to be a darker look, but it looks so beautiful and more colourful in the bottle, unlike on the nail. Despite this I think this would not put me off trying other Leighton Denny colours yet. After all I use the Bio Build treatment and base coat by Leighton Denny weekly and have no problems with this. However as the  only ever nail colour I have tried by this brand has not been what I expected, I think I would research online and look at swatches a lot more before investing £11 on a bottle of nail colour in the future. I am interested in what other people’s experiences are of the polishes I have compared in this post. Do you agree or do you think I just got unlucky this time around?


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