Berry Xmas Nails

The title of this one is named based on the two colours used for this design. Raspberry and the Superdrug Christmas limited edition glitter by Barry M. Like the post I did on the Boots limited edition Barry M nail paints for this year, there are also two for Superdrug. The other one is a Blue shimmery one like the Boots gold and pink ones which I plan to use soon.

_IMG_5407 copy

For this design I first used the Raspberry colour to paint all of my nails. I applied two coats of this and let them have plenty of time to dry. I really love this shade its such a deep colour. It looks great on toes.

_IMG_5410 copy

As I wanted to not do all nails identical, I next used a little bit of bright pink striping tape on two nails per hand only in a diagonal line across the nail.

_IMG_5411 copy

I then used the Christmas glitter on the entire ring fingers and the bottom halves of the nails that had the striping tape on them. This glitter is mainly a mixture of bright pink, blue and green hexagons and smaller flecks of blue and green glitter. It is quite festive and matched with the raspberry shade and striping tape colour quite well in my opinion.

_IMG_5412 copy

However, like with other glitter nail varnishes that have larger glitter pieces it can be hard to get the glitter to distribute well so I had to blob it on quite a bit. However this means that you end up with quite a thick layer of the clear base that the glitter was in. To get the amount of glitter that I wanted on the nail I had to do this three times which meant it took a lot longer to dry. I think having a stronger concentration of glitter in the bottle would have been better. But despite this I am very pleased with how the design turned out.


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