Christmas Trees 2012 Nails

I did these nails last night and I have to say they are a lot better than my Christmas nails from last year.


I first painted the background colour to all my nails using Barry M’s Nude. I decided to do 3 coats of this in the end as I wanted to see the light pinkness of the shade more than the nudeness if that makes sense. I went for this colour to stop me using something too bright for the background which would have only resulted in overpowering the design instead.


After this had had a decent amount of time to dry, I took a nail art brush and used this to paint a green triangle on each nail to represent the tree. For the green I used Electric Green Arabian Glow Nailwear Pro by Avon.


I had considered using some striping tape to mask out the area where I would paint the tree. But this would have been more fiddly and would have taken more time than painting it freehand. Also real trees are not perfectly straight anyways so I figured it did not really matter if the line was slightly wobbly.


Next I added a star to the top of each tree. To do this I basically used the smallest dotting tool I have and dotted in the same shape as you would to make a flower. I used the Christmas Gold limited edition nail paint from Barry M to do this.


The last thing I did was to add baubles to my trees. I did this with a slightly bigger sized dotting tool and used both the Christmas Pink and Blue limited edition colours from Barry M. Then all that was left was to add my top coat. Hope you like them!


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