Empty but not really!

So you know how when you get to the end of a tube of hand cream for example, and you bash it down hard and shake it about to try and get as much out as you can before throwing it out?

Well I finished a tube of hand cream off a while back, or so I thought, and I wondered to myself just exactly how much is in the tube. So I cut it in half and I have to say there was loads more than I expected left in there.


You can’t really see very well in the above picture, but there is a lot of cream in the bottom ‘shoulder’ parts of the bottom of the tube. However this picture had been taken after I had used the cream 5 times since cutting it. I’m sure I could get at least another 2 uses from what is left.

There was a lot of cream in the top corners of the tube as well. This means that by cutting it in half I’ve managed to get at least another week of cream out of this tube.


The above picture shows you do not have to worry about your cream drying out either as if you fold the bottom half a little at the top, you can slip the top half over it to close it a bit. I would recommend using us the extra cream in the top half first though.

I will definatley be doing this from now on with all my products. If you’ve paid for the whole tube you might as well save money by using the whole thing up lol!

I think this problem would be worse with thicker creams. One thing I hate about tubes that you can’t see through is that you don’t know how much product you really have left.


Sparkle Spot Nails

This weeks design is a simple shimmery spotty look.

_IMG_5625 copy

I firstly painted all my nails with 2 coats of Barry M’s Gelly Hi Shine nail paint in Plum Blue. The coverage was quite good after 1 coat, but I always prefer to do 2nd coat.

_IMG_5627 copy

Next, putting my hands so that my fingers were going horizontally, I used a dotting tool to add a row of medium sized dots along the top of each nail. For this I used the Limited Edition Christmas Pink nail paint by Barry M.

_IMG_5628 copy

I then repeated the same to dot a row underneath the pink but in the gold limited edition nail paint instead. This row was slightly offset so that the dots fell in between the gaps of the dots on the above row.

_IMG_5629 copy

Although the gelly nail paints have a very shiny finish to them, I still finished everything off with a top coat just to increase the durability of everything.

Winter Leopard Nails

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I was a bit ill over the new year so ended up celebrating this new years at home in my pj’s lol. I also have no clue where the time has gone so far this year. I can’t believe we are 12 days into 2013 already. However I did find time to squeeze in this winter leopard design, which was a bit of an experiment.

_IMG_5617 copy

I wanted my background to be an off white colour, but I only have a white gloss nail varnish and a matte dark grey one that doesn’t apply very well.  This is when I had my idea of using both to get the shade I wanted. I also had the thought to try and make the background look a bit textured like fur would be.

_IMG_5620 copy

To do this I applied 2 coats of the matte grey colour. This ended up being a bit lumpy and streaky as I find matte nail varnishes go touch dry to fast to be able to apply them well. Afterwards I used a make up sponge and sponged 2 layers of the white on top of this.

_IMG_5621 copy

Once this was done I immediately cleaned up the huge mess the sponging had made all over my fingers. I used the clean end of the make up sponge for this and found it worked better than an old eye shadow brush or cotton bud that I have tried before. However it was a bit hard to get it all off of my cuticles without risking removing any from the nail as well.

_IMG_5623 copy

Then to do the pattern I used a dotting tool to place the blue dots on all nails. I used the limited edition Christmas blue by Barry M for this. I noticed in the photos that you can see slight flecks of gold shimmer in with it. I then added in the black details with the smallest dotting tool I have. Around the blue dots I placed the black by putting 3 small lines around the outer edge of the blue dot. I then added random small lines of black in between to fill in the gaps before finishing off with a top coat.