Sparkle Spot Nails

This weeks design is a simple shimmery spotty look.

_IMG_5625 copy

I firstly painted all my nails with 2 coats of Barry M’s Gelly Hi Shine nail paint in Plum Blue. The coverage was quite good after 1 coat, but I always prefer to do 2nd coat.

_IMG_5627 copy

Next, putting my hands so that my fingers were going horizontally, I used a dotting tool to add a row of medium sized dots along the top of each nail. For this I used the Limited Edition Christmas Pink nail paint by Barry M.

_IMG_5628 copy

I then repeated the same to dot a row underneath the pink but in the gold limited edition nail paint instead. This row was slightly offset so that the dots fell in between the gaps of the dots on the above row.

_IMG_5629 copy

Although the gelly nail paints have a very shiny finish to them, I still finished everything off with a top coat just to increase the durability of everything.


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