Red and Gold mash up Nails

I wanted this design to be a mixture of different patterns on each nail and I decided I wanted to focus my design on red and gold colours. All the nail paints used were by Barry M. The red is from their retro colours and the glitter is called copper.


I painted the thumb and little finger nails with two coats of the gold magnetic and did the magnetic effect on it. The second and third fingers got 2 coats of the red and the ring finger got 3 coats of the copper glitter.

_IMG_5634 copy

On the little finger I then added 2 coats of the red in the form of a French tip. On the second finger I used a dotting tool to add 3 dots in the copper glitter. I also did 2 coats for this.


On the thumb I used a nail art brush to add a red triangle shape in the middle of the nail and then went over this for another coat to even it out. On the third finger I went over the bottom half of the nail 2 times with the copper glitter.

_IMG_5637 copy

After this was dry on both the thumb and third finger I then used striping tape to neaten up the line between the two different nail paints used. On the thumb I used a red tape and on the other I used a gold tape.


On the ring fingers I added a row of square shaped nail art gems. The whole thing was finished off with a coat of top coat, but to the ring finger I added a second coat to help keep the gems in place. I hope you like how it turned out.


Valentines Nails

As it was Valentines Day this week I decided to do a cute Valentines theme for my nails.


I painted all my nails in 2 coats in Strawberry Ice Cream by Barry M, which is a pastel pink colour.

_IMG_5677 copy

After this was dry I used a dotting tool with Barry M’s retro pink in order to add heart shapes to the top half of each nail. To do this you do 2 dots next to each other and then use a smaller sized dotting tool to fill in a triangle shape underneath.


For the bottom half of each nail I sponged on Pink Silver glitter by Barry M, which is a small pale pink glitter.


Finally, I used Pink Sapphire glitter by Barry M to add larger pieces of glitter and to add a difference in colour and shape to the glitter on my nail. Enjoy!

Red Croc Nails

I took these pictures ages ago and completely forgot about them. Oh well better late than never! This is the red croc effect by Barry M over the top of their silver foil effect.

_IMG_5279 copy

To be honest, although I love the colour I didn’t really like the effect except for on a couple of nails that it turned out good on, like my thumb. It reminds me of their normal raspberry nail paint. It is also a lot less forgiving than the normal crackle effects. You can’t use it over dry polish like the normal crackle. But if the base is too wet then it also did not seem to work.

_IMG_5282 copy

It also takes a lot longer than the crackle for the effect to show. It took up to 5 minutes on some fingers for the effect to start appearing and then you have to wait a long time after this for the nail to complete. Sometimes I wasn’t sure if the effect had finished coming through or if the effect had failed to come through. On some nails it started to come through in some nice clear thin lines around the edge of the nail but then finished off with some messy half come through thick lines in the middle.

_IMG_5284 copy

That left me with a lot of trial and error. On several fingers I had to try again to get it to come out better. It seems you have to apply it not too thickly, but quickly over almost touch dry nail polish for the best results.  It also looks rather translucent in places. However on the nails I got this to work properly on I liked the effect. I feel I need a lot more practise with it to properly decide if I like it. Perhaps it would be good as part of a more complicated design instead of being the main focus of the nails.


Some of you may of read my long distance relationship story at the end of last year. The reason I posted that was so that when I got around to making this post you all had a bit of the background story as to why I made this. I basically wanted to make this scrapbook as a gift and collection of the memories me and my fiancé shared during that time.  I wanted this post to tell you all how I made the scrapbook as this is my first time scrapbooking and definatley won’t be my last.


Materials gathered

  • Thick card that was sturdy enough to make the pages
  • Rings to bind the book together
  • Backing paper in different designs
  • PVA glue to stick it all together
  • Photographs of our memories
  • Embellishments in different styles to decorate the pages
  • Ribbon to hold the book closed


How I created the book

  • First I cut the backing card to the size I wanted. I then worked out where I wanted to bind each of the pages and punched holes in the card for this purpose.
  • I next decided on what backing paper I wanted on which pages and cut it to size. Once this was done I stuck it down how I wanted it. On the front cover the design was a bit different.
  • Once everything was dry I planned out which photos to stick where and glued them down. On the inside of the back cover I also cut another piece of backing paper and stuck it down in order to make a keepsake sleeve for tickets and receipts for example.


  • While this was drying I wrote the title of the scrapbook on the front cover and also a message to my fiancé on the inside of the front cover.
  • Next it was time to add the embellishments. I had some plastic heart shapes, some green heart shaped gems, some felt flowers, some smaller flower stickers, some orange fancy flowers and some small green bows. I planed out and then glued the embellishments onto each of the pages in order to decorate the scrapbook.
  • Once this was all dry I placed the binding rings through the punched out holes to hold everything together. I had a small heart shaped charm from my jewellery making supplies which says ‘handmade with love’ that I also attached to the top binding ring.
  • I then finished the whole thing off by tying a length of orange spotty ribbon around the book to hold the pages closed.


It took about a week and a half to arrive to him ,and although it got a little squished in transit Binu loved it.