Red Croc Nails

I took these pictures ages ago and completely forgot about them. Oh well better late than never! This is the red croc effect by Barry M over the top of their silver foil effect.

_IMG_5279 copy

To be honest, although I love the colour I didn’t really like the effect except for on a couple of nails that it turned out good on, like my thumb. It reminds me of their normal raspberry nail paint. It is also a lot less forgiving than the normal crackle effects. You can’t use it over dry polish like the normal crackle. But if the base is too wet then it also did not seem to work.

_IMG_5282 copy

It also takes a lot longer than the crackle for the effect to show. It took up to 5 minutes on some fingers for the effect to start appearing and then you have to wait a long time after this for the nail to complete. Sometimes I wasn’t sure if the effect had finished coming through or if the effect had failed to come through. On some nails it started to come through in some nice clear thin lines around the edge of the nail but then finished off with some messy half come through thick lines in the middle.

_IMG_5284 copy

That left me with a lot of trial and error. On several fingers I had to try again to get it to come out better. It seems you have to apply it not too thickly, but quickly over almost touch dry nail polish for the best results.  It also looks rather translucent in places. However on the nails I got this to work properly on I liked the effect. I feel I need a lot more practise with it to properly decide if I like it. Perhaps it would be good as part of a more complicated design instead of being the main focus of the nails.

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