Easter Nails

Happy Easter Everyone! Here’s the nails I did for Easter this year as I forgot to do any last year.


It was quite a simple design. I painted each nail in a different pastel shade using Barry M nail paints and made sure the ring fingers were in yellow, as I wanted these to be chicks and the rest to be eggs.

_IMG_5786 copy

On the ring fingers I then added 2 black dots for eyes and then a beak and feet in orange. I placed 2 silver rhinestones over the eyes.


On the remaining fingers I made an Easter egg design. I used striping tape in a matching darker shade of each nail colour. 2 stripes of this were placed across each nail. Then in the gap between the striping tape I added 3 rhinestones in matching colours.


I finished the whole thing off with a healthy layer of topcoat to hold it all together. Hope you like it!


Furry Nails

I’ve seen images of the velvet nail trend online long ago but never felt in the mood to try it out back then. It always looked like it would be too messy. However my friend gave me a pot of the MUA Fur effect nail fluff for my birthday last month. I have it in colour ‘fluff and cuddles’ which I would describe as a nice dark magenta colour.

_IMG_5736 copy

It recommends you use a similar colour for a base coat so I painted all my nails with 2 coats of Nails Inc’s Malibu Cosmo, which was the closest colour I have to match. I wanted the ring finger to be different so I did something that would be the opposite to fur by using a glitter nail polish. I decided on Nails Inc’s Special Effects in Bloomsbury Square. This was then finished with a top coat.

_IMG_5738 copy

The fur comes in a pot with a sifter on top. You can either sift the fluff into the top and apply or remove the sifter and dip your finger in the fluff. I decided to dip mine in. I painted each nail one at a time with a coat of the colour and then dipped it in the pot. I pressed the fluff on gently to the nail with another finger to help it stick.

_IMG_5742 copy

After leaving it for a while to set, I used a cheap eye shadow brush that I don’t plan on using to brush the excess back into the pot. If there were any missed spots I just dabbed a bit more nail polish on the ‘bald’ area and put more fluff over it to fill it in. It was less messy than I expected and it wasn’t too hard to get most of the mess back into the pot to reuse.

_IMG_5748 copy

I really loved how it turned out and I really love the texture. I couldn’t stop rubbing my fingernails all week. A friend at work thought it was cool also and described it as feeling like a velvet lined box. I found the durability was better than I expected also despite the lack of a topcoat. Also when I did get chips or areas wore ‘bald’, it was easy to just reapply the fluff as required to the relevant areas only. Doing this in this way was quite seamless and it wasn’t obvious that you had tried to touch areas up. I do recommend giving this a go to people who love uniqueness to their nails.

Owl Nails

I think these are my favourite nails so far this year even though I only really had time to do the design on the ring fingers. I couldn’t stop looking at them all week. This was probably one of the few designs I have had to sketch out and plan on paper beforehand also.

_IMG_5655 copy

I firstly painted all nails in 2 coats of the base colour. This was Barry M’s retro blue for the ring finger and their limited edition Christmas blue for all other fingers.

_IMG_5658 copy

On all fingers except the ring fingers, I used a large dotting tool to place 3 dots of the darker blue on each nail. This is because I didn’t want them to be left boring and plain.

_IMG_5661 copy

On the ring finger I then used the lighter blue to add a half circle at the top of the nail. This made the background behind the ears of the owl. I then painted in a ‘tombstone’ shape from the bottom of the nail to be the owl’s belly.

_IMG_5662 copy

I then used a dotting tool to add to big white dots for eyes, and a smaller black dot was added for the pupils. I then used a shimmery yellow shade that I have and used a very small dotting tool to create a small triangle for the beak.

_IMG_5666 copy

I’m really pleased with how this turned out and think it looks super cute. I also think the shimmer and glitter in the shades used make it look a lot more special. Enjoy!

Sandy Nails

Recently Barry M released some new colours in their Gelly Range and also a new range called Textured nail paints. I decided to pick up one colour from each of their new types.

_IMG_5692 copy

For the Gelly nail paint I went for the nude shade as I lack such shades in my collection which is called Lychee. For the Textured nail paint I decided to go with the yellow shade called Station Road, as this was the only one to have small flecks of shimmer in the bottle. It also reminded me of sand due to the fact that it would be textured.

_IMG_5693 copy

I decided to use both of the new nail pants together for this manicure. I used the textured on all fingers except the ring finger, on which I used the Gelly colour instead. Also on the ring finger I sponged some of the Christmas gold glitter nail paint onto the tip. I did not use any top coat on the textured fingers however I did apply 3 coats to each textured nail to help the colour be more opaque and durable.

_IMG_5697 copy

Other than that both the new nail paints applied well. I felt the textured nail paint dried a bit quicker and better than normal nail varnishes. I know not many people seem to like using yellow nail varnishes on their nails but this does not bother me as I like to do something different each week. Perhaps if it was a very pale pastel yellow then it may have appealed to more people.

_IMG_5699 copy

As for having this particular texture on the nail, I quite liked the feel of it. There is also a slight tiny sized orange/gold/green shimmer also in this particular textured shade but I couldn’t really get the camera to pick it up. Hopefully it won’t be very long now before I am home from work in time to photograph my nails in natural light again instead of with my desk lamp.

Magnetic Tip Nails

So in my last blog post I had done my little finger nail in a magnetic nail paint and then applied a red tip to it. I quite liked how it looked so decided to do something similar for all of my nails this week.


For the magnetic colour I used Barry M’s Multi Sparkle, which is a silver/grey magnetic with tiny flecks of multi coloured glitter.


For the tips I used the blue from their retro colours. I only needed to do one coat of this. I then covered everything with a top coat.


I think this was quite a simple way to make magnetic nails look a bit different. I like to do a new look for my nails each week and have been struggling to find things to do with my magnetic nail paints other than using them on their own. I want to try and incorporate them into my designs more this year.