Magnetic Tip Nails

So in my last blog post I had done my little finger nail in a magnetic nail paint and then applied a red tip to it. I quite liked how it looked so decided to do something similar for all of my nails this week.


For the magnetic colour I used Barry M’s Multi Sparkle, which is a silver/grey magnetic with tiny flecks of multi coloured glitter.


For the tips I used the blue from their retro colours. I only needed to do one coat of this. I then covered everything with a top coat.


I think this was quite a simple way to make magnetic nails look a bit different. I like to do a new look for my nails each week and have been struggling to find things to do with my magnetic nail paints other than using them on their own. I want to try and incorporate them into my designs more this year.


2 responses

  1. yeah I find different brands are better than others. Also I find the wetter the coat when I put the magnet over it the better it comes out. What I usually do is quickly go over the part of the nail I started painting from before using the magnet. Otherwise I end up with the effect only working on one half of the nail. The quicker you work the better the effect comes out basically.


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