Sandy Nails

Recently Barry M released some new colours in their Gelly Range and also a new range called Textured nail paints. I decided to pick up one colour from each of their new types.

_IMG_5692 copy

For the Gelly nail paint I went for the nude shade as I lack such shades in my collection which is called Lychee. For the Textured nail paint I decided to go with the yellow shade called Station Road, as this was the only one to have small flecks of shimmer in the bottle. It also reminded me of sand due to the fact that it would be textured.

_IMG_5693 copy

I decided to use both of the new nail pants together for this manicure. I used the textured on all fingers except the ring finger, on which I used the Gelly colour instead. Also on the ring finger I sponged some of the Christmas gold glitter nail paint onto the tip. I did not use any top coat on the textured fingers however I did apply 3 coats to each textured nail to help the colour be more opaque and durable.

_IMG_5697 copy

Other than that both the new nail paints applied well. I felt the textured nail paint dried a bit quicker and better than normal nail varnishes. I know not many people seem to like using yellow nail varnishes on their nails but this does not bother me as I like to do something different each week. Perhaps if it was a very pale pastel yellow then it may have appealed to more people.

_IMG_5699 copy

As for having this particular texture on the nail, I quite liked the feel of it. There is also a slight tiny sized orange/gold/green shimmer also in this particular textured shade but I couldn’t really get the camera to pick it up. Hopefully it won’t be very long now before I am home from work in time to photograph my nails in natural light again instead of with my desk lamp.

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