Owl Nails

I think these are my favourite nails so far this year even though I only really had time to do the design on the ring fingers. I couldn’t stop looking at them all week. This was probably one of the few designs I have had to sketch out and plan on paper beforehand also.

_IMG_5655 copy

I firstly painted all nails in 2 coats of the base colour. This was Barry M’s retro blue for the ring finger and their limited edition Christmas blue for all other fingers.

_IMG_5658 copy

On all fingers except the ring fingers, I used a large dotting tool to place 3 dots of the darker blue on each nail. This is because I didn’t want them to be left boring and plain.

_IMG_5661 copy

On the ring finger I then used the lighter blue to add a half circle at the top of the nail. This made the background behind the ears of the owl. I then painted in a ‘tombstone’ shape from the bottom of the nail to be the owl’s belly.

_IMG_5662 copy

I then used a dotting tool to add to big white dots for eyes, and a smaller black dot was added for the pupils. I then used a shimmery yellow shade that I have and used a very small dotting tool to create a small triangle for the beak.

_IMG_5666 copy

I’m really pleased with how this turned out and think it looks super cute. I also think the shimmer and glitter in the shades used make it look a lot more special. Enjoy!

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