Furry Nails

I’ve seen images of the velvet nail trend online long ago but never felt in the mood to try it out back then. It always looked like it would be too messy. However my friend gave me a pot of the MUA Fur effect nail fluff for my birthday last month. I have it in colour ‘fluff and cuddles’ which I would describe as a nice dark magenta colour.

_IMG_5736 copy

It recommends you use a similar colour for a base coat so I painted all my nails with 2 coats of Nails Inc’s Malibu Cosmo, which was the closest colour I have to match. I wanted the ring finger to be different so I did something that would be the opposite to fur by using a glitter nail polish. I decided on Nails Inc’s Special Effects in Bloomsbury Square. This was then finished with a top coat.

_IMG_5738 copy

The fur comes in a pot with a sifter on top. You can either sift the fluff into the top and apply or remove the sifter and dip your finger in the fluff. I decided to dip mine in. I painted each nail one at a time with a coat of the colour and then dipped it in the pot. I pressed the fluff on gently to the nail with another finger to help it stick.

_IMG_5742 copy

After leaving it for a while to set, I used a cheap eye shadow brush that I don’t plan on using to brush the excess back into the pot. If there were any missed spots I just dabbed a bit more nail polish on the ‘bald’ area and put more fluff over it to fill it in. It was less messy than I expected and it wasn’t too hard to get most of the mess back into the pot to reuse.

_IMG_5748 copy

I really loved how it turned out and I really love the texture. I couldn’t stop rubbing my fingernails all week. A friend at work thought it was cool also and described it as feeling like a velvet lined box. I found the durability was better than I expected also despite the lack of a topcoat. Also when I did get chips or areas wore ‘bald’, it was easy to just reapply the fluff as required to the relevant areas only. Doing this in this way was quite seamless and it wasn’t obvious that you had tried to touch areas up. I do recommend giving this a go to people who love uniqueness to their nails.


6 responses

    • I kept my nails like this for a week, but I did ‘top up’ on a few of the nails in places mid-week where some of them had worn a bit. But it was more the fact that the fur had just thinned a bit in those areas. It wasn’t like it came off noticeably.
      I guess it also depends on the quality of the nail polish you use to stick it on with as well.


    • I felt they held up well. It was no less durable than when I paint my nails normally. I would be interested to see how much the quality of the base colour used affects how well the fur lasts though.


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