Soap Making – #4

Thought I would share some more of my soap making pictures. All these soaps were apple scented and were made up of 2 colours.

_IMG_4510 copy

For the above ones I first made 3 round blue soaps. I then cut them up like segments of a cake and split the segments between 6 round moulds. I then filled the gaps with the other colour to get this effect. The only problem was in some places the blue was covered completely so I had to cut away a little bit in places to reveal the blue underneath.

_IMG_4511 copy

For these ones I filled a small flower, heart and star shaped mould with the blue and let it set. At the same time I filled round moulds almost full with the other colour. When all was set I placed the blue shapes in the top of the round moulds and filled the rest of the space left full in order to hold them in place.


Mosaic Crackle Nails

I bought one of the Avon crackle effects recently even though I have a few crackle polishes, but I was drawn to this because of the shimmer in it and also because I don’t have a green crackle. I got it in colour Gleaming Emerald.

_IMG_5684 copy

I found the application slightly less forgiving than the Barry M crackles are. Therefore you will need a bit of experimentation to get it right. I decided to try it over a lilac base.

_IMG_5686 copy

However generally I found that if it was too thin you would end up with a translucent coat with very thin vertical lines forming the cracks. If it was too thick then you wouldn’t get enough cracks to see that it was supposed to be an effect.

_IMG_5687 copy

I preferred to aim mine around a medium thickness as I wanted the green crackle to stand out boldly, but I also like thick cracks going both horizontally and vertically in between. The only thing that I do love about this crackle over other brands that I have tried is simply the fact that it has a lot of glitter in it.

_IMG_5689 copy

Another thing I noticed about this one was that it took quite a while for the full effect to come out. At first I did not think it was working, because with the other brands I have tried the effect is very quick. However it does need some time to look its best.

Pink Teal Nails

I wasn’t sure if to post these pics as they are a bit plain and was more of an experiment with this particular colour combination.

_IMG_5234 copy

However I will be away from home for the next few weeks so needed some posts to schedule up in advance to cover the time I’m gone. These have been sitting on my computer since September last year so figured I might as well just use them than delete them.

_IMG_5236 copy

The colours used are Teal and Pink Silver glitter. Both are by Barry M. The teal has a kind of metallic finish to it and so I was interested to see how it would look teamed up with a glittery nail varnish in a completely different colour.


Therefore I did one look where 1 coat of the glitter was applied over the teal on all nails. The other look is the teal on all fingers and then several coats of the glitter was packed onto the ring finger only.

Starry Night Nails

This design was quite easy to accomplish. It uses some star design nail stickers that I bought from the Avon at the end of last year.


They come in a pack of 2 sheets. 1 is of black stars and the other is in silver. The silver has a kind of foil look to them.


I used Barry M’s denim for the base colour. Once this had dried well I peeled off the stickers I wanted and stuck them to the nail. There’s many different sizes on each sheet.


The only hard bit is that you need to aim it well when you place it as once its there you cant really adjust it without ruining everything. After I sealed them on with a top coat.