Soap Making – #4

Thought I would share some more of my soap making pictures. All these soaps were apple scented and were made up of 2 colours.

_IMG_4510 copy

For the above ones I first made 3 round blue soaps. I then cut them up like segments of a cake and split the segments between 6 round moulds. I then filled the gaps with the other colour to get this effect. The only problem was in some places the blue was covered completely so I had to cut away a little bit in places to reveal the blue underneath.

_IMG_4511 copy

For these ones I filled a small flower, heart and star shaped mould with the blue and let it set. At the same time I filled round moulds almost full with the other colour. When all was set I placed the blue shapes in the top of the round moulds and filled the rest of the space left full in order to hold them in place.


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