My Etsy Shop

I’ve recently decided to give Etsy another go¬† and have put some of the handmade jewellery I have made on there:


I really want to get back into my jewellery making but I have so much at home still that I have made. It seems a shame that no one gets to enjoy my creations, which makes me reluctant to make more. I really enjoy making new bracelets mostly. It would also be nice to fund new materials and fancy beads to make new pieces.

I’ve tried selling some on Ebay and Etsy in the past but have so far had very little luck. This time around I’ve decided to try making it available worldwide instead of just inside the UK after looking at postage estimates online.

However, what I was mostly wondering, is who else out there has tried to, or does sell their own handmade crafts on Etsy? How much luck have they had with it and what tips do people have to make it work? What are people’s opinions on the site or do you know any better alternatives etc?

Thanks in advance for any comments you may have on my questions. Also let me know what kinds of things you sell on Etsy yourself.


Indian Gradient Nails

I went to India for the first time back in April to visit my finace for a few weeks and meet his parents. I wanted some simple but not boring nails for my trip so decided on these gradient nails.


The base colour was the Watermelon gelly paint from Barry M. I then sponged on the tips Barry M’s peach melba nail paint.


I built this gradient up over a few layers until I was happy with how it looked before adding a topcoat. I think the final result looks a bit grungy.


Interestingly I found my nail varnish lasted very well in the Indian heat. At home I find near the end of a week the varnish starts to look brittle and cracks on the tips a bit before it starts chipping off. However in the heat it kept it softer as if it was kinda kept melted to the nails lol so I got a whole 2 weeks of wear out of it before any chips.

Simple Glitter Fun Nails

This was just a simple design using 2 different glitter nail polishes. For the base colour I used Barry M’s Raspberry. I really love this colour.

_IMG_5837 copy

On the thumb and ring finger I used a fine pink silvery glitter. I like this one because I feel it gives a metallic look from a distance.

_IMG_5841 copy

On the rest of my fingers I used the Pink Sapphire jewel glitter nail paint. This has various shapes and sizes of glitter but it’s a bit hard to layer it up as you have to blob it on a bit to spread the glitter well across the nail.

Spring Flower Nails

I came up with this design to match a dress that I wore for a birthday party recently. I’m glad its starting to get darker much later now so that I can use natural daylight to take my pictures when I get home from work. Makes them come out a lot better.


I painted all my nails in 2 coats of the mint green colour first. All colours used for this design are by Barry M.


Then using a larger dotting tool I made a flower design on each nail using the darker pink colour.


Afterwards I used a smaller sized dotting tool to add a lighter pink flower shape over the top of the darker flowers.

_IMG_5798 copy

Then I used a nail art brush to add some flicks in a dark green for leaves and added a little gem to the middle of each flower for some extra effect.


I then finished the whole thing off with my topcoat. I’m quite pleased with how this one came out and think the colours look great together.

Beady Stripe Nails

I’ve been playing a bit more with textures on the nail lately as I like the feel. This time I used some of the nail beads I was given for my birthday.


These are the MUA nail constellations, which are just as good as the other nail beads I have tried. However I didn’t like the packaging. The bottle has a thinner end to allow you to aim the beads better, but I found barley anything came out of the end which was too frustrating for me lol. So I ended up pouring some into a tray and dipping my fingers in.


I firstly painted all my nails with 2 coats of the purple. Then I added the blue on the bottom half of each nail only. These colours are from Barry M.

_IMG_5775 copy

Then I painted a clear stripe across where the 2 colours meet and applied the beads. I used a cuticle stick to neaten up the stripe and pack the beads together better.

_IMG_5776 copy

I then finished everything off with some top coat. I had to dab the top coat over the beads as it seems to pull the colour off otherwise. I have this problem with other nail beads as well. I need to try some other types of top coat to see if that is the cause. I like to seal everything in place with lots of top coat as I like my design to last a week.