Beady Stripe Nails

I’ve been playing a bit more with textures on the nail lately as I like the feel. This time I used some of the nail beads I was given for my birthday.


These are the MUA nail constellations, which are just as good as the other nail beads I have tried. However I didn’t like the packaging. The bottle has a thinner end to allow you to aim the beads better, but I found barley anything came out of the end which was too frustrating for me lol. So I ended up pouring some into a tray and dipping my fingers in.


I firstly painted all my nails with 2 coats of the purple. Then I added the blue on the bottom half of each nail only. These colours are from Barry M.

_IMG_5775 copy

Then I painted a clear stripe across where the 2 colours meet and applied the beads. I used a cuticle stick to neaten up the stripe and pack the beads together better.

_IMG_5776 copy

I then finished everything off with some top coat. I had to dab the top coat over the beads as it seems to pull the colour off otherwise. I have this problem with other nail beads as well. I need to try some other types of top coat to see if that is the cause. I like to seal everything in place with lots of top coat as I like my design to last a week.


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