Amethyst Jewel Nails

On the week I did these nails, my thumbnail had broken so I decided to cut them all down. I decided to make them stand out I would go for a glittery design.


I firstly painted all of my nails with 2 coats of Barry M’s Blackberry Gelly Hi-Shine paint.


Next to all nails except the ring finger I added a coat of their Amethyst Glitter Jewel Paint before adding a top coat.


On the ring fingers I picked out some rhinestones that I had in purple, blue, pink and gold to go with the colours in the glitter. I then randomly added them to the nail using top coat. I repeated this until as many gaps as possible were filled on the nail. I sealed the whole thing in with a healthy layer of top coat.


I am quite pleased with how it turned out and love the texture that you can feel on the ring fingers.


False Nail Set for Mom

I made this set of false nails for my mom a couple of months ago. She wanted something to match the top she was wearing for a birthday party. The top is cream with red and back circles and spots on it in a random pattern.

_IMG_5778 copy

After selecting the correct nail sizes and smoothing the rough edge of the tips, I firstly painted all nails in 2 coats of Barry M’s gelly hi-shine nail paint in Lychee. This is a nice nude shade that matched my mom’s outfit perfectly.

_IMG_5780 copy

I then painted all nail tips, except for the ring finger nails with Barry M’s retro red. Once this was dry I added a row of black rhinestones along where the red and base colour met.

_IMG_5781 copy

On the ring finger I used red and black nail paint as well as black rhinestones to add a circle design which is similar to the design of my mom’s top. Once this had been left overnight to dry I added a layer of top coat.

Cherry Blossom Nails

So about a month ago Barry M released some new nail art pens in black, silver, white and pink. I’ve seen good comments about them online so decided to give them a try. I had a little play with them straight away on top of the nails I was already wearing that week and was very pleased with the results. I decided for my first proper nail design using them I would go for a cherry blossom design.


I used the black pen for the branches and randomly drew those on top of the colour I chose for my background. Luckily for this design it didn’t matter how messy the right hand ended up looking lol. Then I used a medium sized dotting tool to place white dots on top of the branches. When this was dry I added smaller pink dots on top of the white ones before adding a top coat. I recommend using a top coat with the pens to stop it wearing off too easily.


I’ve always struggled with doing very fine lines neatly in my nail art as I find normal nail varnish to thick and quick drying, even when using thin nail art brushes. I am trying to avoid buying a load of acrylic paint colours to use, which I have seen many others do to get such detail, as I already have too many nail varnishes to fit in the room I have as it is lol.


As well as thin brushes, I have also tried in the past those bottles that have a metal tip with a hole in like a needle where you squeeze the nail varnish through in order to do details. However I always end up with big blobs or I poke a smudge into the still soft base layer of my design. Also I find no matter how long I leave it to dry my top coat will smear the whole thing when I attempt to apply it.


However with the Barry M pens the nib is more like a real pen and it did not drag dents in my base colour. It reminds me a bit of those handwriting pens they used to give you in primary school. Except with the nail pens you can press the nib in to get more of the colour to come into the nib if required. I also found that the consistency is thinner than normal nail varnish which also helps with doing thin lines. However I did find that sometimes you needed to go over a line again to make the colour bold enough. Despite this I found the pens dry very quickly and that my top coat did not ruin the design at all when applying it. All in all I was very impressed with these and they were as easy to use as a normal pen.

Simple Handmade 3D Flower Card

Back when I was India I found these craft paper punches while shopping one day. The good thing is everything is so cheap there compared to back home, especially things like costume jewellery and such. For example I got some really pretty metal hair clips  that were covered in gems and rhinestones and such for the equivalent of about £0.24 each! My fiancé was really tempting me to buy tons of accessories for my self while I was there. I really wish now that I had listened to him more lol.


Anyways I decided to pick up a couple of the paper punches for myself to use for future scrap booking and other crafty things. Both the ones I got were flower shaped ones as I felt they would be the most versatile. A link to the same brand that I managed to fins online is here.


As I am sending my fiancé a gift in the post, I decided now would be the perfect time to test them out by making a simple little card. The card itself was made using some leftover scrapbook paper that I had left over. For the flowers I first punched out 20 flowers using one of the flower punches. 10 in a light orange and 10 in a darker orange.


I then used a bit of PVA in the middle of each darker flower and placed the lighter one on top. Using an orange stick I turned the lighter one so that you could see the petals of the darker one underneath. Once that was dry I used my fingers to make the petals stick upwards a bit so that it wasn’t so flat.


Afterwards I added a silver rhinestone to the middle of each flower. I then attached them to the card using those sponge stickers that you use in decoupage as I wanted it to have even more of a 3D effect. You could make flowers like these and use them on many things. Basically anything crafty that you would stick embellishments to at least.

India Trip

So as promised here’s some of the photos I took while I was India that I wanted to share. It was not only my first time travelling abroad, but I also travelled alone from England to India where my fiancé lives. However it was completely worth it.


I went back in April and this first pic is what my dad took off my plane taxing for take off at home in England. Although that’s a bit obvious from the colour of the sky lol.


The flights were long. The first flight to Dubai was about 7 hours long and then the second flight was around another 4 hours. I don’t even know how long I was awake for on the first day lol. I was at the airport well before mid day at home and got to India about 8:30 am the next day. I was too excited to sleep on the plane and it seemed too late to sleep after arriving so kinda just waited until it was night time again lol. The time zone difference is currently 4:30 hours.


The day I arrived was actually our 7th anniversary of being in a relationship. It’s a bit sad to think about how in 7 years we have spent just under a month in total physically in each others presence, even though we make sure we spend some time together daily via technology.


I had a really great time while there and it was interesting to be in a place so different from home. I remember how happy my fiancé looked when he saw me walking out of the airport. It’s a shame it was all over so fast.


The thing that I struggled with the most though was the heat lol. Bear in mind I’m from England where summer is likely to be cold and rainy day. I can quite happily sit in my bedroom when it’s about 9°C with all the windows open and 1 layer of clothing on. So to go from that to temperatures more like 40°C was quite difficult for me.


This picture was taken at a zoo we went to one of the days. I included this because it’s the scariest looking creature I’ve ever seen lol. It’s called a Gharial.


On a couple of the days we went to the beach in the evening time so that it was a little cooler. I took this picture of the moon on one of those days. It was quite pretty to have the moon coming up above the sea and to then to a 180° turn and see the sun setting at the same time.

















We did actually take at least 350 – 400 of pictures. Anything that looked interesting we just had to get a picture of lol. These are just a few of the best ones across the 2 weeks I was there.