Simple Handmade 3D Flower Card

Back when I was India I found these craft paper punches while shopping one day. The good thing is everything is so cheap there compared to back home, especially things like costume jewellery and such. For example I got some really pretty metal hair clips  that were covered in gems and rhinestones and such for the equivalent of about £0.24 each! My fiancé was really tempting me to buy tons of accessories for my self while I was there. I really wish now that I had listened to him more lol.


Anyways I decided to pick up a couple of the paper punches for myself to use for future scrap booking and other crafty things. Both the ones I got were flower shaped ones as I felt they would be the most versatile. A link to the same brand that I managed to fins online is here.


As I am sending my fiancé a gift in the post, I decided now would be the perfect time to test them out by making a simple little card. The card itself was made using some leftover scrapbook paper that I had left over. For the flowers I first punched out 20 flowers using one of the flower punches. 10 in a light orange and 10 in a darker orange.


I then used a bit of PVA in the middle of each darker flower and placed the lighter one on top. Using an orange stick I turned the lighter one so that you could see the petals of the darker one underneath. Once that was dry I used my fingers to make the petals stick upwards a bit so that it wasn’t so flat.


Afterwards I added a silver rhinestone to the middle of each flower. I then attached them to the card using those sponge stickers that you use in decoupage as I wanted it to have even more of a 3D effect. You could make flowers like these and use them on many things. Basically anything crafty that you would stick embellishments to at least.


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