False Nail Set for Mom

I made this set of false nails for my mom a couple of months ago. She wanted something to match the top she was wearing for a birthday party. The top is cream with red and back circles and spots on it in a random pattern.

_IMG_5778 copy

After selecting the correct nail sizes and smoothing the rough edge of the tips, I firstly painted all nails in 2 coats of Barry M’s gelly hi-shine nail paint in Lychee. This is a nice nude shade that matched my mom’s outfit perfectly.

_IMG_5780 copy

I then painted all nail tips, except for the ring finger nails with Barry M’s retro red. Once this was dry I added a row of black rhinestones along where the red and base colour met.

_IMG_5781 copy

On the ring finger I used red and black nail paint as well as black rhinestones to add a circle design which is similar to the design of my mom’s top. Once this had been left overnight to dry I added a layer of top coat.

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