Spongebob Nails

A friend at work likes Spongebob Squarepants and we have this thing where she calls me Spongebob and I call her Patrick lol. So when I saw these Spongebob nail transfers on Ebay I just had to get them.


I firstly painted all my nails in 2 coats of a light yellow colour to give the background colour the same as Spongebob.


The transfers came in a pack of 20 in 5 different designs. This means you can get 2 sets of nails from it with a different design for each nail on one hand, so that both hands match.


I cut out the ones I wanted to use and laid them out in the order I wanted. I then got a soap dish and filled it with some warm water.


One by one I removed the top protective clear layer, dipped it in the water for a bit and then slid the transfer off the backing sheet and placed it onto the nail. As it is wet you can slide it around a bit to get it just right. The first time I tried it I did it the wrong way round and tried to press it on with the backing paper still there like one of those fake tattoos you get as a kid. However this made it go on back to front but I was able to peel it off and switch it around before it was too late. It was durable enough to use your fingers to hold it while getting it into the position you needed.


After everything was dry I sealed it all in place with a coat of topcoat. I think they turned out pretty cool in my opinion. I kept them on for a week and they were really quick and easy to do.


Cool Pyramid Sparkle Nails

For a while now I’ve wanted to mix something a bit nude with something a bit fancy so I decided on this design.


Firstly I painted all nails with 2 coats of Barry M’s Gelly Hi-shine paint in Lychee.


When this was dry I used a smaller nail art brush to give me more control and painted on the triangles at the top of each nail. For this I used Barry M’s Limited Edition Christmas Blue. I painted the outline first and then filled it in. I then applied another layer to make it stand out more.


I finished it all off with a top coat. I love how the golden flecks in the blue shimmery nail varnish compliment the nude shade whilst the blue is there to stand out from everything else.

88 Eyeshadow Palettes

Some of you may have seen my post on my 120 palette back in 2011. A few weeks ago I decided to treat myself to 2 new palettes. One is a neutral one and the other was a colourful shimmer one.

Neutral Palette


Each I got off Ebay for just under £5 and £7 respectively. Both have 88 colours and I managed to get them from UK sellers meaning they arrived in a couple of days.


Both the palettes have a mirror and two sponge applicators in the top half of the lid which is quite useful for on the go. Although I normally use a brush for my eyeshadow, I have tried the applicators and have found them to be pretty good at getting the shadow onto the lid.


Of the colours I have tried so far they are all very well pigmented. In the neutral palette there is a good mixture of nude colours in both matte and shimmer shades. I think some of the matte ones may be less pigmented because I find that is normally the case with eyeshadows but I am yet to confirm this.


There are plenty of different lighter shades for highlighting and in the corner of the eyes as well as plenty of darker shades for the outer corner and the crease. You could use this palette for both smoky and nude looks.


In the images below you can see one of the looks I have tried out so far using colours from the neutral palette.


For this I used one of the orangey shades in the inside 3/4 of the lid. This was more of a matte shade but I could see a small amount of shimmer in it. I used one of the sponge applicators to apply it.


Then I used one of the darker pinkish purple matte shades on the outer 1/4 of the lid. I used my normal eyeshadow brush for this and blended it with the orange. They blended together very well and quite easily.


On the inner 1/4 of the eye I then used a very very pale off white shade that had gold shimmer in it with the sponge applicator. I gave this a bit of a blend as I like to have shimmer on the inner corners of the eyes.


For the upper lid eyeliner I used the Barry M bold black eyeliner and used a black matte shade from the palette on a flat angled brush to go over the top to help keep it in place. On the lower lid line I used Barry M’s bold eyeliner in bronze.

_IMG_6148 copy

Above the eyelid going up to my brow I used a very pale almost white pink with a little shimmer in it to give a very subtle highlight that the camera didn’t really pick up.

Colourful Shimmer Palette


All the shades in the shimmery palette are of course shimmer shades. I am addicted to shimmery eyeshadow so just had to have this one. I had seen an identical palette which is a mix of matte and shimmer shades for people who do not have a shimmer addiction like myself. There was also a metallic palette which had more neutral colours which have a metallic finish to them but as I wanted the natural palette I managed to resist getting that one for now.


The first thing I noticed about this palette is that although it is colourful like my 120 palette, the shades in the 88 one seem to be a bit more wearable. Some of the colours in my 120 palette haven’t even been touched as they are a bit too bright.


One problem I have always had with eyeshadow whether its a cheaper brand or not is that after about 6 or 7 hours it starts to crease up bad. I normally use an eye primer, but whether I use it or not I still get this problem as my eyelids do get a bit oily throughout the day. On a normal working day I don’t get home for at least 11 – 12 hours after applying my makeup though. However on the first day I used this palette I was pleasantly surprised to find that my eyeshadow had not creased at all by the time I got home from work which is probably my favourite thing about these palettes. Every time I have used them so far it has lasted all day.


I also find that the texture of these shadows are a lot less powdery feeling than some other brands I have tried in the past. Another problem I have is the whole fallout all over my cheeks thing which drives me mad lol. I get this problem a lot with my 120 palette. However with these 88 palettes I have found the fallout to be a lot less which I think may be due to the texture.


So far the only negatives I have for these palettes is that I find the boxes a bit difficult to open and don’t want to mess up my nail varnish opening them lol. My 120 palette opens so much more easily. Also the size of the pans holding the colours are a lot smaller than the ones in my 120 palette. But for the price you are paying it is still great value for money.


Overall I am very impressed with these palettes. As much as I love my 120 palette, I have to say I love these 88 palettes more. In general I like palettes containing a lot of colours because it helps me to experiment with colours without having to search through all my stuff as everything is in once place and easily accessible.