Spongebob Nails

A friend at work likes Spongebob Squarepants and we have this thing where she calls me Spongebob and I call her Patrick lol. So when I saw these Spongebob nail transfers on Ebay I just had to get them.


I firstly painted all my nails in 2 coats of a light yellow colour to give the background colour the same as Spongebob.


The transfers came in a pack of 20 in 5 different designs. This means you can get 2 sets of nails from it with a different design for each nail on one hand, so that both hands match.


I cut out the ones I wanted to use and laid them out in the order I wanted. I then got a soap dish and filled it with some warm water.


One by one I removed the top protective clear layer, dipped it in the water for a bit and then slid the transfer off the backing sheet and placed it onto the nail. As it is wet you can slide it around a bit to get it just right. The first time I tried it I did it the wrong way round and tried to press it on with the backing paper still there like one of those fake tattoos you get as a kid. However this made it go on back to front but I was able to peel it off and switch it around before it was too late. It was durable enough to use your fingers to hold it while getting it into the position you needed.


After everything was dry I sealed it all in place with a coat of topcoat. I think they turned out pretty cool in my opinion. I kept them on for a week and they were really quick and easy to do.


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