Look at MUA 12 Shadow Palettes

I was was given a neutral MUA eyeshadow palette by a work colleague a few months back which I thought was quite handy. I know their products are quite affordable as I have tried their nail fur and beads, and also have a couple of lip glosses by them which I quite like. I wanted to get another eyeshadow palette in non neutral shades to team up with it and figured I’d do a little post on them with some pics.


This first palette is the neutral one and is called ‘Undress Me Too’. The ‘too’ is because its the second of the neutral palettes they do. From looking online it seems both of their neutral palettes are dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palettes for those of us who have a lower spending budget for makeup.


The second palette is called ‘Glitterball’. They do a lot of different palettes containing 12 shades each. I went for this one as it has a good variety of colours and I wanted something that I could easily mix and match into many different looks. I like both shimmery and colourful eyeshadows, and I like to mix a colour with silvery or gold shades. This palette has enough diversity in its colours to meet all this criteria and it therefore appealed to me the most. Another reason why I wanted such a palette is to use as a travel palette. Although my 88 palettes are quite portable, these are even more so whilst keeping a good level of diversity.


In the neutral palette there is also a good range of neutrals. Some are matte shades and others are shimmery and so you can also get a lot of nude and smokey eye looks with this palette as well. There are also some silvery/greyish tones in the palette as well. So you can do both a gold or a silver smokey eye if you team them up with the black shade in the crease.


Both palettes cost £4 each. You can get a lot more eyeshadows for a little bit of extra money off the internet for example with the 88 and 120 palettes. However from the makeup you find in stores and on the high street, £4 for a palette is a very affordable price. Of course, when comparing to high end brands, I found the quality was nothing amazing, but I still felt it was good enough to serve its purpose. For the price of the palette though, I would say the quality is good.


The palettes also come with a sponge applicator. I know a lot of people hate the sponge applicators that come with eyeshadow. I used to also, but lately I have found that I prefer to use them to get the main lighter colour onto the main lid area and then switch to my eyeshadow brush to add a darker colour into the crease and blend everything together. I also use the pointed tip of the sponge applicator to use on the very inner corner of the eye. The pan sizes of the shadows are also decent as they are around the size of a 20p coin.


All the shades in the Glitterball palette have a high amount of shimmer and glitter. Some shades seem to veer more towards being glittery whilst others seem more shimmery. As much as I love shimmery eyeshadow, I can’t make up my mind as to whether a couple of the shades go a bit overboard with the shimmer. For example with the pink shade I felt like the silver shimmer in it was trying to drown out the pink from coming through too much. When compared to my 88 palette I felt like the shimmer in those eyeshadows was a bit less and so more manageable and wearable.


I found the texture of the shadows was fair as they wasn’t really overly dry and powdery. Also when applying I found that there was not much fallout, but then I find fallout mostly occurs when I use a brush over a sponge applicator anyways. The wear time was good. In the look I decided to try out with the palette and show you below lasted the whole day, it wasn’t until late evening that you could see it was starting to crease. I hate when an eyeshadow look creases up in no time even though you used a good quality primer. I always use the Two Faced Shadow Insurance to prime the eye area before adding shadow.


So for this look I first primed the lids and then picked the pink shade (this would be #7 if you numbered them from left to right, top to bottom in the palette). Using the sponge applicator I applied this over the entire lid. I then used my brush to blend it out a bit to soften the edges. I did find that I had to pack on the pink a bit and build it up to get it to how I wanted it to be. I then used the white shade (#6) with my brush and blended a very small amount above the pink and up to by brow. I like any highlight on the brow to be very subtle.


Although I had to build up the pink a bit, I feel this is only because as mentioned previously, it felt like the shimmer was trying to drown out the colour. The pigmentation on the whole seemed good. I next used the black (#1) along the crease and outer corner. The pigmentation of the black was very good as I only used a tiny amount on my brush and that was plenty for what I wanted. However I did find that it did need a little bit of work to blend it out as much as I wanted it to be blended. This was probably because I wanted it to look more slate grey than black though. I also added a very small amount of the silver (#11) into the inner corners using the sponge applicator.


I don’t know if it is just me, but for some reason I find that when I’m applying my eyeshadow it never looks how I want it to and I get a little annoyed that things are not going as planned lol. However the second I add my eyeliner and mascara everything seems to suddenly look fine and exactly how it should. I guess it just shows how important eyeliner and mascara is to complete a look lol. Anyways, for this look I used Barry M’s bold black eyeliner to thinly line the upper lid, and the silver eyeliner on the bottom. I like to set the eyeliner on my upper lid using a similar shade of eyeshadow on a flat angled brush. I find this helps reduce it from transferring onto the crease area during the day. I finished off with Rimmel’s Scanladeyes Lycra Flex mascara.


All in all I really like these palettes. What you get for the price is very good and they will be perfect for on the go as you can make plenty of different looks using them, even though you only get 12 colours in each. The packaging is nice and compact and they come with an applicator which again makes them good travel partners. The pigmentation is decent and I was pleased with how the look I tried turned out. There was also very little fallout. However I do feel I like my bigger unbranded 88 palettes more than these for everyday wear. However the MUA Glitterball palette is good for if you want a very high shimmery look for going out and for parties and such.


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