Fire Leopard Nails

For this design I wanted something that would match a dress that I wanted to wear out one weekend. It’s a bright orange dress with a leopard print design on it.


For my design I started off by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a nude beige colour. I felt if I did the entire nail in the same colour as the dress that it would look too much.


Once this was dry I diagonally painted the bottom half of each nail in the colour I had that matched the dress the closest. I didn’t want the line to be neat as natural things are not normally so neat and straight.


Then using a dotting tool and a shimmery gold colour I added some dots to each nail on and around the line separating the 2 colours used on each nail.


Once this had had a while to dry I then used a nail art pen in black and added little lines around the circumference of the gold dots in order to make them look like leopard spots.


I also added some extra little flicks of black lines around the other spots in order to help the design look more leopard like.


I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and feel it matched my dress really well.


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