Minty Confetti Nails

This is a quick look I did using the Barry M confetti effect nail paint that they released earlier on in the year.


I painted all nails with 2 coats of a mint pastel green shade.


To all nails except the ring finger I added a few coats of the confetti effect. This one is called Sour Apple and is made up of almost turquoise and yellow rectangular flecks. Like with some glitters there was a lot of ‘blobbing’ needed to spread it across the nail evenly. This nail effect nail paint reminds me of a cheaper version of the feather effect polishes by Nails Inc.


To the ring finger I added a single simple silver rhinestone to finish off the whole look.


I think the confetti effects are a nice alternative to using a glitter nail paint in a design, especially if you want something similar to glitter, but which is not sparkly. The only problem is that just like glitter it is hard to remove lol.


Sequined Rainbow Nails

This week’s design uses one of the Sequin Effect Nail Paints by Barry M. This one is simply called Pink Sequin.

_IMG_6224 copy

I used 2 coats of this on all nails except the ring fingers. It has a pink base colour with large multi coloured pieces of glitter in it, hence where the sequin name comes from. As well as this, in the base there was also a grit type material to give more texture to the nail paint. Similar to the texture effect nail paint that they released before this.

_IMG_6228 copy

To the ring fingers I used 2 coats of a dark pink shimmery colour. On top of that I added a line of different coloured rhinestones. The colours used match the colours found in the sequin nail paint.


However, I found that the finish of the sequin effect is just too textured, which makes it a bit rough and scratchy lol. I liked their previous textured nail paints, but although they were textured, it was still a smooth finish that I liked feeling the texture off.

_IMG_6230 copy

The sequin effect was just too rough for me, even after adding a top coat, although this did help. I also found, which is perhaps due to the texture that it chipped a bit easier than normal nail paint. Despite this I still like the sequin effect as I am a big fan of all things unique and different.

Rock Chick Bling Nails

I had a bit of a job taking the photos of this week’s design. I didn’t have access to the camera I normally use and so had to use an older more complicated camera lol. Despite this, even though this design was very simple to create, I was really pleased with the outcome.

_STA60436 copy

For all nails except for the ring fingers I painted them with Barry M’s Gold Mine Glitter. This has a black base and is full of flecks of gold glitter.

_STA60439 copy

I applied 3 coats of this to get the look that I wanted. On just the ring finger I applied 2 coats of a plain black shade.

_STA60442 copy

Once this was dry I added a line of false nail glue down the middle of the ring fingers. To this I added 3 gold coloured square nail studs to each nail. Normally I attach things to my nails (for example rhinestones) using just plain top coat as the glue. However I recently tried these studs on a friends nails and they came off quite easily. I think this is due to the concave nature of the underneath of the studs.

_STA60444 copy

The only problem I had is that I got a little glue onto the tool I was using to place the studs. So at one point the studs were sticking to the tool instead of my nail lol. Anyways after a bit of frustration everything turned out fine.

Pastel Halves Nails

This was quite a quick and simple design I did, yet I still feel it looks quite pretty. I find it’s amazing how just a bit of striping tape or a few dots with a dotting tool can completely hide the fact that you was in a rush or didn’t have enough time to do anything more fancy.


First I painted all nails with 2 coats of a pastel pink colour. I covered the entire nail on each finger.


Once this had had a bit of time to dry I painted the bottom halves with a pastel mint green shade. I applied 2 coats so that the colour was even.


Once this was dry I then used some gold striping tape and applied this along the halfway point of each nail where the two colours meet.


The good thing about the striping tape is that it hides the freehand line created where the 2 colours meet. This makes the whole thing look a lot neater and professional.