Sequined Rainbow Nails

This week’s design uses one of the Sequin Effect Nail Paints by Barry M. This one is simply called Pink Sequin.

_IMG_6224 copy

I used 2 coats of this on all nails except the ring fingers. It has a pink base colour with large multi coloured pieces of glitter in it, hence where the sequin name comes from. As well as this, in the base there was also a grit type material to give more texture to the nail paint. Similar to the texture effect nail paint that they released before this.

_IMG_6228 copy

To the ring fingers I used 2 coats of a dark pink shimmery colour. On top of that I added a line of different coloured rhinestones. The colours used match the colours found in the sequin nail paint.


However, I found that the finish of the sequin effect is just too textured, which makes it a bit rough and scratchy lol. I liked their previous textured nail paints, but although they were textured, it was still a smooth finish that I liked feeling the texture off.

_IMG_6230 copy

The sequin effect was just too rough for me, even after adding a top coat, although this did help. I also found, which is perhaps due to the texture that it chipped a bit easier than normal nail paint. Despite this I still like the sequin effect as I am a big fan of all things unique and different.

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