Minty Confetti Nails

This is a quick look I did using the Barry M confetti effect nail paint that they released earlier on in the year.


I painted all nails with 2 coats of a mint pastel green shade.


To all nails except the ring finger I added a few coats of the confetti effect. This one is called Sour Apple and is made up of almost turquoise and yellow rectangular flecks. Like with some glitters there was a lot of ‘blobbing’ needed to spread it across the nail evenly. This nail effect nail paint reminds me of a cheaper version of the feather effect polishes by Nails Inc.


To the ring finger I added a single simple silver rhinestone to finish off the whole look.


I think the confetti effects are a nice alternative to using a glitter nail paint in a design, especially if you want something similar to glitter, but which is not sparkly. The only problem is that just like glitter it is hard to remove lol.


6 responses

  1. That’s really pretty. I have both the Nails Inc and Barry M nail varnishes and they are pretty much identical, you definitely don’t need both. They are definitely a pain to remover though, but they look so pretty I just can’t resist wearing them.


    • yeah lol they are a right pain to get off, but it’s worth it :P.
      I do have the dolly mixture shade of these as well but haven’t got around to trying it out yet. I was thinking about using it for sprinkles in a cupcake design possibly.


      • I have the dolly mixture one as well and wore it over Essie’s navigate her, which created a lovely delicate look, but something I’d wear more in the spring. I think they’d look great as sprinkles on a cupcake design though, you should definitely try it!


      • Cool.
        Yeah I think I will go with the cupcake idea – you helped me make up my mind about it lol.
        One of the things I love about nail polishes that are “bits” of something in a clear base is that that are so versatile and you can put them over anything and get a different look each time.


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