Royal Tip Nails

This week I decided to try out another of Barry M’s matte nail paints. This time one called ‘Vanilla’. I also tried out one of their other new nail effects called ‘Royal Glitter Texture Effects’. The shade I used for this design is called ‘Lady’.

_IMG_0039 copy

Although Lady is primarily a white fine glitter and texture shade, it also has pastel orange and green flecks of glitter in it that you can catch a glimpse of when you move your nails about. However, I’ve always had trouble photographing such nail varnishes, and so it looks a lot more beautiful in real life than it does in the photos in this post. You can see a close up of the bottle below to help show what the shade consists of a bit better. Also the level of texture is also perfect in my opinion as it is more of a fine grain texture, which I prefer.


Although the matte shade is called vanilla it is more of a greyish lilac shade. It is quite a pretty nude shade, but then lilacs and purples are my favourite colours. I feel that this design would make a nice bridal nail design for someone who was having a white and lilac wedding dress, or bridesmaids wearing lilac for example.

_IMG_0041 copy

I firstly painted all of my nails with the matte shade. I layered this up as 1 coat of the matte, then my top coat, and then 2 more layers of the matte in order to try and help get a weeks wear out of it. I then gave it plenty of time to dry. In the picture below you can see where the camera managed to pick up some of the orange and green shades in the glitter.

_IMG_0045 copy

I next used some striping tape, and placed it diagonally across the tips of each nail. I made sure there was enough overhanging at the sides so that I could pull it off later. Your nails have to be really dry when you do this so as not to pull off all your hard work with the tape later.

_IMG_0046 copy

Lastly, I painted the tips with ‘Lady’, making sure not to got over the striping tape. I did this one by one, and removing the striping tape as I went so that the nail paint did not have time to dry. This left a nice straight line that looks more professional than doing it freehand. However it is a lot more fiddly and time consuming to do it this way. I am really pleased with how it turned out, and it lasted well considering I couldn’t put a top coat over the top.


Matte Spot Nails

Barry M have recently released some matte shades as part of their autumn releases. In the past I haven’t really had much luck with matte polishes. They seem to crack and chip up really easily and can be difficult to apply smoothly.

_IMG_0007 copy

However because I was eager to get their new flakie and royal glitter nail paints, I decided to give a couple of these a try. In the pics below I used one called ‘Crush’. It is a dark reddish colour. I found it dried darker than in the bottle and in some lights it can almost look slightly brown.

_IMG_0010 copy

Like I said matte polishes always seem to chip easily for me. I feel the Barry M ones are quite durable, but I will need to test this out properly still. As I wanted this manicure to last a week I came up with an idea to try and make it last longer. What I did was painted on 1 layer of the matte. Then I added 1 coat of the top coat I normally use.

_IMG_0012 copy

Once this was dry I added to more layers of the matte on top. This seems to have worked as I have been wearing this for 7 days now and apart from some chip wear it’s only really 1 thumb and 1 little finger that has big chips.

_IMG_0016 copy

In order to make my nails look less plain and boring I used a clear top coat to apply some glossy dots over the matte. Lol I really can’t just paint my nails in 1 shade and leave it like that any more.

_IMG_0017 copy

I placed these along the one half of the nail only. I started with a large sized dotting tool and then worked my way downwards in size until the gaps were filled in as I liked. I like how it turned out, but I felt from a distance it did look quite plain still. However I can see why this would be good, for example if you can;t have bright and bold nails for work but wanted to make them a bit special than just plain.

_IMG_0018 copy

I also felt the consistency of these polishes were quite good. They were nice and liquidy which helped them to go on smoothly. Hopefully this remains the same as the bottle gets older. I hate when a matte polish is drying before you have even painted half of your nail lol.

Jewellery Making #15 – Crystal Rondelle Charm Bracelets

Here I wanted to share some pictures of a bunch of similar charm bracelets that I have made.


All of them are made mainly from crystal rondelle beads that I had in a few different colours.


All were strung onto elastic as I find its easier to get sizing right when you use elastic.


Also I personally prefer elasticated bracelets as you can get them on and off easy. None of this trying to do a clasp up one handed business lol.


Also on each bracelet I used a few different charms that I had to make them into charm bracelets.


I think they look quite cute, what do you think?








Firery Wrapped Tip Nails

I kinda consider this design as a bit of a fail lol. It was far too rushed and looked so much better when I pictured it in my mind. I should have given myself more time to do the lines so that they weren’t so messy lol. I tend to get a bit annoyed with myself when I don’t do things perfectly. Despite this I still wanted to share it.


I firstly painted all my nails in 3 coats of the pastel peach/orange shade as it was the lighter shade. After I used a thinner brush to fill in where I wanted the darker orange/coral shade to go. However due to the thinness of the brush I used the finish wasn’t very smooth. Therefore I added a second coat using the original brush in order to even it out.


Once this was dry I used a nail art pen in black to add lines where the 2 colours met. I also made it look like the tip of the nail was wrapped over itself by bringing the black line all the way down on the one side. I then did the same half way down the lighter colour with a silver nail art pen.


I think that if I were to try this again I would either put a lot more effort into my lines or scrap using the pens and use striping tape instead. I feel that when there is a lot of detail and/or a mix of curved lines with straighter lines for example, then the pens are perfect for this as it is not as noticeable if the straighter lines do not come out 110% perfect. However when you only have a small amount of straight line detail to add to a design, it really is key that those lines come out perfect. This is because there is nothing else to distract from the fact that you freehanded the lines.