Firery Wrapped Tip Nails

I kinda consider this design as a bit of a fail lol. It was far too rushed and looked so much better when I pictured it in my mind. I should have given myself more time to do the lines so that they weren’t so messy lol. I tend to get a bit annoyed with myself when I don’t do things perfectly. Despite this I still wanted to share it.


I firstly painted all my nails in 3 coats of the pastel peach/orange shade as it was the lighter shade. After I used a thinner brush to fill in where I wanted the darker orange/coral shade to go. However due to the thinness of the brush I used the finish wasn’t very smooth. Therefore I added a second coat using the original brush in order to even it out.


Once this was dry I used a nail art pen in black to add lines where the 2 colours met. I also made it look like the tip of the nail was wrapped over itself by bringing the black line all the way down on the one side. I then did the same half way down the lighter colour with a silver nail art pen.


I think that if I were to try this again I would either put a lot more effort into my lines or scrap using the pens and use striping tape instead. I feel that when there is a lot of detail and/or a mix of curved lines with straighter lines for example, then the pens are perfect for this as it is not as noticeable if the straighter lines do not come out 110% perfect. However when you only have a small amount of straight line detail to add to a design, it really is key that those lines come out perfect. This is because there is nothing else to distract from the fact that you freehanded the lines.


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