Matte Spot Nails

Barry M have recently released some matte shades as part of their autumn releases. In the past I haven’t really had much luck with matte polishes. They seem to crack and chip up really easily and can be difficult to apply smoothly.

_IMG_0007 copy

However because I was eager to get their new flakie and royal glitter nail paints, I decided to give a couple of these a try. In the pics below I used one called ‘Crush’. It is a dark reddish colour. I found it dried darker than in the bottle and in some lights it can almost look slightly brown.

_IMG_0010 copy

Like I said matte polishes always seem to chip easily for me. I feel the Barry M ones are quite durable, but I will need to test this out properly still. As I wanted this manicure to last a week I came up with an idea to try and make it last longer. What I did was painted on 1 layer of the matte. Then I added 1 coat of the top coat I normally use.

_IMG_0012 copy

Once this was dry I added to more layers of the matte on top. This seems to have worked as I have been wearing this for 7 days now and apart from some chip wear it’s only really 1 thumb and 1 little finger that has big chips.

_IMG_0016 copy

In order to make my nails look less plain and boring I used a clear top coat to apply some glossy dots over the matte. Lol I really can’t just paint my nails in 1 shade and leave it like that any more.

_IMG_0017 copy

I placed these along the one half of the nail only. I started with a large sized dotting tool and then worked my way downwards in size until the gaps were filled in as I liked. I like how it turned out, but I felt from a distance it did look quite plain still. However I can see why this would be good, for example if you can;t have bright and bold nails for work but wanted to make them a bit special than just plain.

_IMG_0018 copy

I also felt the consistency of these polishes were quite good. They were nice and liquidy which helped them to go on smoothly. Hopefully this remains the same as the bottle gets older. I hate when a matte polish is drying before you have even painted half of your nail lol.


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