Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Dark Burgundy and Mint

This combo is made up from a mint and dark burgundy colour.

_IMG_7438 copy

All colours used came form my 88 shimmer palette.

_IMG_7439 copy

I used the mint shade on the inner half of each eye.

_IMG_7442 copy

Then I used the burgundy shade on the outer corner and blended it across and into the mint at the centre of the lid.


Ladybird Nails

Back when I first started to get into nail art I remember I did quickly try out a Ladybird design but it was only on my thumb nail. I figured it was time to have a proper go at it because it looks so cute.

_IMG_7557 copy

First I painted all my nails in 2 coats of Barry M’s retro red shade. This is a lovely deep shimmery red.

_IMG_7559 copy

I then painted the tips in 2 coats of a black nail paint. Once this was dry I drew a line down the middle of each nail using a black nail art pen.

_IMG_7560 copy

I then used a small dotting tool to add 3 spots to each side of the black line on each nail, making 6 dots per nail in total.

_IMG_7562 copy

Then I finished the design with 2 white dots on the black tips for eyes. I then added 2 black dots for pupils using a nail art pen.

Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Tourquoise and Grey

This time we have a simple turquoise and grey combination.

_IMG_7461 copy

All colours used came form the MUA Glitterball palette.

_IMG_7462 copy

I used the turquoise shade on the inner half of each eye.

_IMG_7464 copy

Then I used a little bit of the black shade and blended it so that it looked more dark grey. I then sweeped some of the silver shade over the top of where I put the black.

Spider Web Nails

I was kind of short on time this year around Halloween and Bonfire Night, but a friend had asked if I could do some spider web nails. I tried to cram in the time to do them, but I really wish I hadn’t have rushed them now because they ended up a bit of a messy fail lol. Plus my base coat was still tacky so my nail art pen didn’t flow too well. Anyways, I still wanted to share the pics with you that I took the following day of them.

_IMG_0113 copy

I painted all my nails with a base colour. I wanted something a bit different to the obvious choice of black so I went for a dark blue.

_IMG_0115 copy

Then I used a silver nail art pen. Doing one nail at a time, I started by drawing lines fanning outwards from the top corner of the nail. I stopped each line a bit before the tips of the nails.


I then attempted to connect the lines together in rows to make it look like a web. The aim was to do this using little curved shaped lines, but this was difficult to do on my right hand nails.

_IMG_0121 copy

Out of all the nails, the only one I was happy with was my index finger on my left hand lol. The pen flowed the best on that one, probably because it was the first one I drew onto. My left thumb came out OK as well though.

_IMG_0123 copy

I think with the proper effort these could have looked quite good. I was also thinking about making a little spider using a black rhinestone for the body, but had to skip it in the end. Maybe next time.

Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Green and Gold

As I’ve gotten a few new eye shadow palettes recently this year I thought it would be nice to start posting some simple pictures showing different colour combinations that I have tried using together.


As some of you can probably see from my other posts I like using lots of different colours and this is the same with eye shadow, as I like to alternate between different colours used together on a daily basis. Even though my eye shadow application skills are lacking, I hope people can see from these kinds of posts what colours they think look nice together and use that as some inspiration to expand upon themselves.


I will try to remember to state where the eye shadows that I used came from. The ones I am posting this week came from my 88 shimmer palette. I used a gold shade on the inside corner and a not too dark green on the outer half.


One thing I need to practise with is my photography skills when it comes to taking pictures of my eyes. I kind of need a mirror near to be able to aim the camera properly. But then I can never seem to get the lighting how I would like it to be lol. It’s either too bright on one side or too dark on one side and not the other.