Christmas Holly Nails

I was a bit late with posting my Christmas designs this year. The past couple of months have been hectic for me will all the changes in my life. Anyways better late than never I guess.

_IMG_0244 copy

This was a very simple Holly design. Although I only did it on the ring finger, you could easily do it across all nails if you have more time.


I painted all nails in 2 coats of nail paint. The thumb and middle finger in a racing green colour, the ring finger in silver, and the remaining nails in a bright red.

_IMG_0238 copy

On each ring finger, using a very small dotting tool and the same green colour, I made the holly leaves out of 6 tiny dots. Imagine the dots were placed similarly to the following string of characters: o88o


Afterwards I used a slightly bigger dotting tool and the red nail paint to add 3 dots for the holly berries. I made sure to overlap the leaves slightly to make everything look connected together properly before finishing with a top coat.


Midnight Pearl Nails

When thinking about what I wanted to do for my nails this time, I was looking through my really old nail varnishes. In there I found a really old Cover Girl one from their Nail Slicks range in #49 Sheer Pearls. I’ve had this for at least 12 years I would say, but back then I wasn’t really into nail art and so only ever wore 1 colour at a time. I was surprised the consistency was still as liquidy as a new bottle of nail varnish, even though some seemed to be dried onto the inside of the bottle near the top.


It’s a light pink base with a pearl finish. When you move it in the light you can also see some bluish shimmer inside, which also looks slightly purple at times. I thought it would look nice as an overcoat on top of another colour nail varnish. To try it out I decided to put it over black. However as you can see in the pictures below it came out a lot more boring than I expected lol.

_IMG_7447 copy

What I did was paint all nails except my ring finger and thumb with 2 coats of a black nail varnish. On the thumb and ring finger I painted on the retro blue colour by Barry M that I have. This is because on those nails I wanted to do something different.


Therefore, next I added some clear nail varnish to the ring fingers and thumbs one at a time. I then dipped this into some dark blue beads. Once that had had time to set I put plenty of topcoat over it to hold it all together. Although this sticks them all to each other as a solid looking thing, it makes them last a lot longer on the nail so I prefer to do it this way.


Then on the rest of the nails I painted them with the Cover Girl nail slick. Straight away I could see that the pink in the base was just too sheer to show up and that all I was going to get was the blue shimmer. However 1 coat was too streaky so I needed to add another coat. It does have a pearl finish to it still though I felt.

_IMG_7451 copy

I think next time I need to try it over much lighter shades. This is because when I’ve used it on its own it looks really nice. However I think I will still try it out over a dark colour though rather than over black to see if this makes any difference. But to be fair I can’t really complain. I was shocked the consistency was so good after it had been sitting in the back of a drawer for so many years lol.

Melting Coral Nails

This design turned out quite good I feel, and it was quite easy to do.


First I painted all nails in 2 coats of my lighter colour. In this case it was a pastel peach/orange.


Then I painted half of each nail with my darker colour. In this case I used a coral/dark orange colour.


Then once that was dry, I used a large sized dotting tool to place some of the lighter coloured dots on top of the darker colour. I made sure they were placed along the line where the two colours meet though and that the dots were touching into the same colour on the opposite half of the nail. This made it look like the lighter colour was running into or dripping down into the darker colour.

_IMG_6784 copy

I then repeated the same but for the opposite colours. I made sure the dots were placed along the line where the 2 colours meet, but that they were in between the gaps of the dots on the opposite side. This resulted in everything looking like it was melting into each other.

Bumble Bee Nails

I loved my Ladybird nails so much that I did earlier this year that I just had to make some Bumble Bee ones.

_IMG_7570 copy

I firstly painted my nails with a pastel yellow shade.

_IMG_7572 copy

As I wanted my bees to look a bit fluffy, I then used a yellow textured nail paint by Barry M over the top. You can’t really tell from the photos though. Flocking powder in yellow would probably look even better but I don’t have any in yellow.

_IMG_7574 copy

After I painted the tips in black and used a nail art pen in black to add the stripes. The texture underneath made these stripes look a bit patchy in places, but that helped to add the the whole fluffy effect that I was after.

_IMG_7575 copy

I then finished them off with some white and black dots on the tips to make the eyes. I think they turned out pretty cute.