Midnight Pearl Nails

When thinking about what I wanted to do for my nails this time, I was looking through my really old nail varnishes. In there I found a really old Cover Girl one from their Nail Slicks range in #49 Sheer Pearls. I’ve had this for at least 12 years I would say, but back then I wasn’t really into nail art and so only ever wore 1 colour at a time. I was surprised the consistency was still as liquidy as a new bottle of nail varnish, even though some seemed to be dried onto the inside of the bottle near the top.


It’s a light pink base with a pearl finish. When you move it in the light you can also see some bluish shimmer inside, which also looks slightly purple at times. I thought it would look nice as an overcoat on top of another colour nail varnish. To try it out I decided to put it over black. However as you can see in the pictures below it came out a lot more boring than I expected lol.

_IMG_7447 copy

What I did was paint all nails except my ring finger and thumb with 2 coats of a black nail varnish. On the thumb and ring finger I painted on the retro blue colour by Barry M that I have. This is because on those nails I wanted to do something different.


Therefore, next I added some clear nail varnish to the ring fingers and thumbs one at a time. I then dipped this into some dark blue beads. Once that had had time to set I put plenty of topcoat over it to hold it all together. Although this sticks them all to each other as a solid looking thing, it makes them last a lot longer on the nail so I prefer to do it this way.


Then on the rest of the nails I painted them with the Cover Girl nail slick. Straight away I could see that the pink in the base was just too sheer to show up and that all I was going to get was the blue shimmer. However 1 coat was too streaky so I needed to add another coat. It does have a pearl finish to it still though I felt.

_IMG_7451 copy

I think next time I need to try it over much lighter shades. This is because when I’ve used it on its own it looks really nice. However I think I will still try it out over a dark colour though rather than over black to see if this makes any difference. But to be fair I can’t really complain. I was shocked the consistency was so good after it had been sitting in the back of a drawer for so many years lol.

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