Christmas Holly Nails

I was a bit late with posting my Christmas designs this year. The past couple of months have been hectic for me will all the changes in my life. Anyways better late than never I guess.

_IMG_0244 copy

This was a very simple Holly design. Although I only did it on the ring finger, you could easily do it across all nails if you have more time.


I painted all nails in 2 coats of nail paint. The thumb and middle finger in a racing green colour, the ring finger in silver, and the remaining nails in a bright red.

_IMG_0238 copy

On each ring finger, using a very small dotting tool and the same green colour, I made the holly leaves out of 6 tiny dots. Imagine the dots were placed similarly to the following string of characters: o88o


Afterwards I used a slightly bigger dotting tool and the red nail paint to add 3 dots for the holly berries. I made sure to overlap the leaves slightly to make everything look connected together properly before finishing with a top coat.


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