Pink and Black Polka Dot Nails

This design is based on a pink and black hex glitter that I have and wanted to use in a design. It’s a simple design but still works well I feel.

_IMG_7470 copy

Firstly I painted all my nails in my base colour. I decided to go for a nude shade so that the pink and black stood out.

_IMG_7475 copy

Then on all nails except the ring finger I painted a few coats of the pink and black hex glitter until I was happy with the amount of glitter on the nail.

_IMG_7476 copy

Then on the ring fingers I added my spots using a dotting tool. I used a small size for the black dots and a slightly bigger size for the pink.

_IMG_7477 copy

I added them by doing a diagonal row of the pin down the centre. I then added a row of the black dots on either side of the pink.


6 responses

  1. I love how you got the colours to match up so well – a great look!
    How do you get the glitter to apply so evenly? I need about 400 coats to get a look like that and it never dries!


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