Autumn Leaf Nails

I did this design back in the autumn but just remembered I never got around to making it into a blog post.

_IMG_0054 copy

I firstly painted all nails with 2 coats of my base colour. I decided on a nude shade.

_IMG_0056 copy

Then using a orange shade and a thin nail art brush I painted an outline of where I wanted the leaves to be. It’s always so hard to paint onto your dominant hand’s nails lol. I then filled in the shapes with the same colour.

_IMG_0058 copy

To get the mix of colour on the leaves I used the same orange, a green shade and a yellow shade. I used some makeup sponges to sponge on the colours over where I had drew on the leaf shape. I made sure not to overload the sponge to make the effect more ‘speckled’. I kept building the colours up on top of each other in layers until I was happy with the result.

_IMG_0061 copy

Once it was all dry, I went over the outline of the leaves with a black nail art pen, added in some leaf veins,Β  and finished it off with a topcoat.


5 responses

    • Thanks πŸ™‚

      Yeah those are my natural nails.

      It can be a bit hit and miss for me with my nail length. Sometimes I can get them to a decent length before they break and other times they keep breaking while they are short.I guess its doing things like the washing up and cleaning that don’t help. I hate when they end up different lengths so most of the time if one breaks then I have to cut them all down.


      • Yeah that really is a problem! I always have that problem that one of my nails breaks and I have to cut the other ones… But I don’t think there is much we can do about it really, which is too bad… But I really like the designs you make! πŸ™‚ I’m just starting to try nail art, so my designs are quite simple really :p


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