Flakie Flower Nails

This design uses the Crystal Glaze topcoat that Barry M released near the end of last year. It is a flakie topcoat made up of multi coloured flakes in pastel shades.

_IMG_0151 copy

I painted all my nails with 2 coats of a purple base. I then added the flakie top coat. I think I used about 3 coats in the end to get the density that I wanted. As usual with glitters I always find it difficult to capture the full extent of how it looks with the camera. In the picture below I only had artificial light, and as you can see it did not pick up the flakes as well as in the natural daylight pics.

_IMG_0135 copy

I only have one other flakie nail polish by another brand. That one is made up of duochrome flakes and so behaves more like a duochrome nail polish would. This one is very different as it seems it is made up of different coloured flakes. This means you can see multiple colours at once which is nice.

_IMG_0140 copy

Afterwards I used a coral/orange shade along with a dotting tool to add petals for flowers on each nail.

_IMG_0146 copy

Then I used a gold to add the centre of the flowers and some other dots for extra detail.


Although I have seen better flakie polishes in posts online, I still think the Barry M one is pretty. It is easily buildable by putting more coats depending on how much you want the flakes to stand out. There’s also a nice mix of colours, shapes and sizes in the flakes.

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