Royal Glam Nails

I’m really pleased with how this one came out, but then I really love the royal textured glitter nail paints by Barry M in general anyways.

_IMG_0180 copy

First I painted all nails with a silver foil base. All nails had one coat, except the ring fingers which had 2 coats.

_IMG_0182 copy

Next I used the white royal textured glitter nail paint called White Lady. I added 2 coats of this to all nails except the ring fingers, as those I left silver.

_IMG_0184 copy

In this textured glitter you can get glimpses of light pastel shades of colours such as green as the light hit it. For this reason I picked out not only silver rhinestones, but also a couple of light blue and green rhinestones.

_IMG_0195 copy

I added my chosen rhinestones to the ring fingers only. I placed them randomly, but did not pack them on the nail tightly as I wanted the base colour to be visible still underneath.

_IMG_0197 copy

I’m really pleased with how this one turned out. I think the colours go great together as well as the mix of fine glitter and rhinestones.


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