Purple Fishtail Wrap Nails

I’ve seen many people use this fishtail method over the past few years that I have been into nail art. Although I’ve always thought it looked pretty, I have never tried it for myself until now and was very pleased with the result.

_IMG_0443 copy

First I painted all nails with 2 coats of a dark purple to make the base for all nails.

_IMG_0446 copy

On all nails except the ring fingers, I then used the purple royal textured glitter by Barry M, which is called Purple Countess.

_IMG_0448 copy

On the ring finger I used 3 different colours. The same purple as the base, a gold and a peach colour. These complimented the colours in the textured glitter on the other nails.


I then started the design by firstly painting gold just underneath the top of the nail in a diagonal line. Once this was dry I repeated the same with the peach by placing it just underneath the gold in a diagonal line. However this time I made sure to go diagonally in the opposite direction. I then went back to the purple and repeated, making sure the diagonal was in the same direction as the gold was at the start.

_IMG_0452 copy

I continued to repeat this pattern all the way down the nail in the order of gold, peach and then purple. Each time you start just underneath the previous colour and make sure you go diagonally in the opposite direction to what you did the previous time.

_IMG_0456 copy

I’m very happy with how it turned out and definatley want to try this again with a different colour combination. One thing to note is that the tip of the nail can get quite thick with the build up of different layers, so make sure to let each layer dry well before moving to the next.


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