Cherry Cupcake Nails

Ever since I first purchased the Dolly Mixture confetti effect by Barry M I have had the idea for this one. It has just took me this long to have enough free time to spend as much time as I wanted to on this. I know the whole cupcake/fairy cake nails thing has been done a million times before, but the confetti effect just screamed hundreds and thousands at me.

_IMG_5370 copy

After adding my base coat I used 1 coat of a nude shade on all nails. I then painted the bottom halves of each nail with a pastel pink shade. Then using a striping brush and a neon pink shade, I added darker pink stripes over the pastel pink area only. This is to make the cake cases.

_IMG_5373 copy

Next I used white for the icing. I decided to go for a silk white effect nail paint because even though the top coat would remove the matte finish to this nail paint, it still allowed the shimmer in the nail paint to shine through. I used a medium sized dotting tool and started by overlapping a line of dots just below where the pink area ends. I then brought it up in a smooth line to the top half of the nail in a half circle shape, before filling in the outline of the icing that I had just made. After this was dry I went over it to make it more opaque.

_IMG_5374 copy

Next I added the hundreds and thousands to the icing using the dolly mixture confetti effect nail paint. I think the colours they used in this go very well with my cake design. While this was still wet, I added a red rhinestone to the top of the icing on each nail to make a cherry. I then finished everything off with a top coat.

_IMG_5377 copy

Overall I’m really pleased with how it turned out in the end. I’m glad I waited until I had a weekend with a bit of spare time so that I could really focus on what I was doing rather than rushing everything. I also had to make my nails a bit more square at the tips before starting as they were filed round beforehand.


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