Pink Gravel Nails

The two nail varnishes used for this look were given to me by a friend for my birthday earlier this year.

_IMG_0573 copy

I first painted all nails in 2 coats of a pink textured nail varnish.

_IMG_0575 copy

I would describe it as a metallic pink, with a decent grain of texture. I also feel it is a bit matte.

_IMG_0579 copy

It reminds me a little bit of either the dull side of a piece of tin foil that has been scrunched up loads, or the finish on those silver boards you get birthday cakes on.

_IMG_0580 copy

On top I added a hex glitter. It is made up of non shiny hex shapes in red, white and black. I added it just to the top halves of each nail.

_IMG_0585 copy

I was worried the clear base of this glitter would ruin the textured effect of the pink. However as it dried it seemed to evaporate away, which was quite strange lol. Luckily it didn’t stop the glitter from sticking, but after a few days I did notice the odd speck flake off though.


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