Marine Treasure Nails

I did this design using 2 of the nail paints from Barry M’s recent aquarium collection. Some of you may have noticed I use Barry M nail paints a lot and I do admit I have a bit of an addiction. Whenever they release new nail paints I can’t help myself lol.

_IMG_5311 copy

I painted all nails with the blue duochrome shade from this collection. The colour shift on this shade is quite subtle as it is just made up of two different shades of blue.

_IMG_5313 copy

However I absolutely love the finish on this. It is so shiny lol. It as a nice bright blue metallic finish and reminds me a bit of their foil effect nail paints. I had always hoped that they would have done more shades other than the silver, gold and limited edition lilac foil effect. A champagne or rose gold foil effect would have been nice.

_IMG_5320 copy

Next I used the gold chunky glitter nail paint from the aquarium collection. I blobbed this onto the tips in a kind of triangular shape. On the ring finger I put it on the opposite side of the nail.

_IMG_5322 copy

This nail paint is pretty as well and is made up of randomly shaped chunks of gold and light pink flakes.


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